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Project Management

Procurement for integrating software application

Assume that you have been asked to procure a new integrated software application for patient records management for a local hospital. Describe the process you would follow to shortlist suppliers for this purpose.What criteria would you use to select the suppliers. What other criteria would you include in the scope of supply?

Large project investments

Though much of your efforts will be in the routine accounting of the factories' operations, you will also be involved with departments where large capital expenditures are made. In the past, the firm has not seen the expected returns from a new investment, in terms of actual savings achieved. Given the size of some coming large

working extra hours need some help

The CFO told you that the front line supervisors are not very good at understanding accounting data and how it can help them control costs. He asked you to meet with all of them to discuss the following points: - What is the profit formula, and how can understanding the profit formula help give focus to the organization's cost-

Purpose of a responsibility matrix

What is the purpose of the responsibility matrix? Discuss the advantages that you will have as you work on your own project by developing this matrix early in the project. 75-150 words.

New project Analysis

New-Project Analysis The Campbell Company is considering adding a robotic paint sprayer to its production line. The sprayer's base price is $1,090,000, and it would cost another $23,500 to install it. The machine falls into the MACRS 3-year class (the applicable MACRS depreciation rates are 33.33%, 44.45%, 14.81%, and 7.41%), a

Managing stakeholders

Why is it important to determine the definition of quality of each group of stakeholders prior to beginning a project? How would you handle a situation where the definition of quality did not match? 75-150 words

Rental Car Industry: Porter's industry analysis

A good response should be based upon your analysis of Enterprise. If I can change "Enterprise" to "Hertz" or "Avis" in your response, and still have your analysis/recommendation fit, then it is not a good analysis/recommendation. Besides industry analysis and resource-based view (VRIS), please consider other tools from the cl

Enterprise car rental case study

Please use the class tools to develop analysis which help you respond to the following two focus questions: Is customer satisfaction still a problem at Enterprise Rent-a-Car? If so, how would you improve it for Enterprise? Which issue on page C-341 is the most important issue (why)? What investment(s) would you make to respon

Quasar Communications

Questions: 1. Can 13 project managers be effectively controlled and supervised by one vice-president? 2. Can the 13 project managers under this V.P. work effectively with four product mangers under the V.P. for marketing and sales? 3. Why does the R&D project manager have built-in conflicts? 4. Should marketing have R&D proj

Engineering Management Project

I. Instructions for Project: 1. Select one of the companies below and conduct a literature research including but not limited to text books and journals: i. Companies: Google, Dream Works, Cisco, Genentech, Qualcomm, Apple, Devon Energy, Walmart, ING Group, General Electric, Total, Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, AT&T,

Benefits of school uniforms

My research problem is "Do you believe school uniforms help with the performance of the school?" I need help with putting into words the problem definition and developing of an approach to the problem. Developing an approach to the problem is the second step in the marketing research process. The components of an approach consi

New project analysis and investment outlay

(11-1) Investment Outlay Talbot Industries is considering an expansion project. The necessary equipment could be purchased for $9 million, and the project would also require an initial $3 million investment in net operating working capital. The company's tax rate is 40%. a. What is the initial investment outlay? Equipment Pu

Project Formation

Please read the following incident and answer the question. Thank you! Stacee Laboratories Stacee's Labs, the research subsidiary of Stacee Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has a long history of successful research and development of medical drugs. The work is conducted by standalone project teams of scientists that operate with l

Project Charter #2

This is for Deepshikha Gupta, #107859 Draft the Project Charter for project wave. In addition, provide the Statement of Work (SOW), and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for a selected project task.

Project planning activities presentation

You have completed the project planning activities and are now ready to share the results with the project team. You have scheduled a project kick-off meeting in two weeks and are now preparing your materials. Develop a 10 - 15 slide presentation that you will use for the kick-off meeting. In the presentation, identify the par

Manufacturing supervisor challenges

Materials Planning; The director of manufacturing to whom all the manufacturing supervisors report, feels like he always gets the brunt of mistakes by other departments. He is hoping you will be able to solve his and his supervisor's endless challenges. He asked you to visit for a lunch meeting and discuss what the supervisors m

Manufacture Resource Planning

Product A is an end item and is made from two units of B and four of C. B is made of three units of D and two of E. Product C is made of two units of F and two of E. Product A has a lead-time of one week. Products B, C and E have lead-times of two weeks. Products D and F have a lead-time of three weeks. a. Show the bill of m

4G Wireless Networks

1. Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of: a. Services and applications b. Network architecture c. Data throughput d. User perceptions 2. Distinguish between the 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, and 4G WiBro networks based on: a. Upload and download speeds b. User perceptions c. Backward compatibility d

Ethical case studies in project management

Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues presented in the case. Review the Questions for Thought. Answer these three questions using the business ethics principles from the textbook. Thank you.

Valuation of the Silver Zuma project

1. What is the total cost of the Silver Zuma Project? 2. How much is needed in the first three months (January, February, and March)? (cash flow report) 3. Which if any of the resources are overallocated? 4. Assume that the project is time constrained (must be finished on time) and try to resolve any overallocation problems b

Strategic planning process and prioritizing projects

Help in answering the following questions: 1. Explain whether project management techniques are appropriate for this project and why. 2. Describe the strategic planning process involved in this project. 3. Choose five key topics that you would use as criteria for prioritizing projects, and then use a weighted scoring mat

Project Proposal #1

Part 1: Select a project for development into a Project Plan. For this assignment, please describe in general terms the goal you would like to achieve in the project on which you will work. Your goal should meet the definition of SMART goals. Even though you will not actually be executing the plan you write for your final pr

An MBA Student's Experience

Reflect back upon your entire MBA experience and identify the three most valuable things you have gained from this program that you are willing to share with your colleagues. Explain how these concepts or experiences have facilitated your development toward becoming a "world class manager."

Engineering Management: Strategic vs. Operational Planning

See the attached file. 1. You have been promoted from being an effective manager in one department (finance) to be the manager in another department (manufacturing). Production is low, and has declined in recent months. That is why you got the job. The manager you are replacing did not work with his group to do much work with

MRPII systems

DB- The materials manager is very familiar with older material requirements planning (MRP) systems, as well as more integrated manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) systems. In fact, he is quite proud of the way the MRPII system works; his entire team has worked hard and has achieved schedule accuracy of over 98% and inventory

Six Sigma - Insurance company

Identify one of the goals of Six Sigma and provide an example of a project you have been involved with where the method could have helped the project outcome. Comment if your organization uses Six Sigma and, if so, the influence it has had on the results of projects and the overall business I work for a large insurance compa

Mastering Virtual Teams

Determine which factor is influencing the team dynamics and why. Pete's team consists primarily of engineers located in different places around the world. His project is important for the company, and senior management provides him with full support. Acquiring resources is never a problem for him. However, Pete's manager keep