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Project Management

Earned Value Calculation

Where's my manners, can someone please help with this Thanks. I need to understand the basics of these problems. Your project has four activities. Below is the current status of each activity. Activity A was to have cost $150,000 when complete. Its costs so far are $45,000. It is 35% complete. The activity has completed 5

Designing the AON Network and the Critical Path

Consider the project with the information provided in the Project Activity Network document. Construct the project activity network using AON methodology and label each mode. Identify the critical path and other paths through the network. Project Management, Achieving Competitive Advantage (Pinto, 2010)

Negotiation of terms and conditions/property rights

"Negotiation" After short-listing the vendors you may want to work with, you need to finalize the terms and conditions. Often the price is right, but the question of intellectual property may become an issue. This assignment gives you an opportunity to think how to approach the problems faced during negotiation. Yo


Communication is an area where breakdowns often occur. This can lead to project failure or delay. Explain why you think this is such a significant area of concern.

Project Statement and Project Objective

Can you please help me with the following? After watching this short video, (3:30) I need help with the following: a. A problem statement for the project, the statement should describe the nature of the problem, its location, timing and magnitude. b. A project objective and key

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Assessments

Can you please help me with the following? 1) What elements of the project plan depend on the WBS (work breakdown structure)? Select four of these and explain the relationship with examples. 2) Why is it useful to have a complete WBS before engaging in formal uncertainty assessment? Use an example of your ow creation to su

Layout of Facilities

How can flexibility be built into warehouse planning and design to accommodate change for the future? What would it require? What are the trade-offs with respect to allocating resources up front or into the future? (at least 3 pages and reference please) Graham, D.D., (2003), Warehouse of the Future, Frontline Solutions; Du

Strategy Development for Organizations

Hello, I am in the process of composing a paper on specific strategies that can potentially help develop an organization in the healthcare industry. However, I am experiencing great difficulty with hitting some key points in the body of my paper. Listed below are some of the main objectives. Any help would be greatly apprecia

Management Questions

Discuss ethics as the driving force for behind employee motivation and organizational communication. Why must a manager be conscious of the makeup of an organization's culture in the workplace? What makes this a difficult task? Discuss the impact of the five dimensions of the general environment on organizational culture?

Risk Managment

Compare and contrast risk mapping, FMEA, and the gut-feeling method. Which method do you feel is most productive? Why? Only need about 150-175 word opinion?

Project Scope Drivers

Can you please help me with the following assignment? After watching the following video, "Building Hong Kong's Airport,", consider the following questions and write a report summarizing your conclusions about each one: a. What were the project drivers in terms of problems and o

Scope change and project schedule

Select a challenge from the Top 10 Challenges of a Project Manager article. In your post, discuss how this challenge is relevant in project scheduling. Please provide at least one reference that is not a website.

Unethical behaviors in cost estimation in project teams

We are not considering the learning rate will inflate the project cost estimate. Similarly, "padding" (discussed in the Topic 1 section of the lecture) will inflate the project cost estimate. Discuss the potentially unethical practices of the project team in cost estimation, with emphasis on the after-effects of those practices

Bottom-up budgeting

Do you see a conflict between the project manager (supporting the bottom-up budget) and the senior management (supporting the top-down budget)? Discuss, with examples (real or fictitious), how you as the project manager would attempt to convince the senior management of the bottom-up budget. Please provide a reference that is

Procurement for integrating software application

Assume that you have been asked to procure a new integrated software application for patient records management for a local hospital. Describe the process you would follow to shortlist suppliers for this purpose.What criteria would you use to select the suppliers. What other criteria would you include in the scope of supply?

Large project investments

Though much of your efforts will be in the routine accounting of the factories' operations, you will also be involved with departments where large capital expenditures are made. In the past, the firm has not seen the expected returns from a new investment, in terms of actual savings achieved. Given the size of some coming large

working extra hours need some help

The CFO told you that the front line supervisors are not very good at understanding accounting data and how it can help them control costs. He asked you to meet with all of them to discuss the following points: - What is the profit formula, and how can understanding the profit formula help give focus to the organization's cost-

Purpose of a responsibility matrix

What is the purpose of the responsibility matrix? Discuss the advantages that you will have as you work on your own project by developing this matrix early in the project. 75-150 words.

New project Analysis

New-Project Analysis The Campbell Company is considering adding a robotic paint sprayer to its production line. The sprayer's base price is $1,090,000, and it would cost another $23,500 to install it. The machine falls into the MACRS 3-year class (the applicable MACRS depreciation rates are 33.33%, 44.45%, 14.81%, and 7.41%), a