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Project Management

Analyze a firm's commitment to quality

You are to choose a publicly-traded company and analyze the firm's commitment to quality, based upon the principles learned in this course. Among the Items to consider are: - value chains - performance measurements - goods and service design - supply chain issues - inventory control - forecasting - scheduling -

Vision of the Project: Advancement Corporation

As the project manager for Advancement Corporation, you act as the CEO's deputy. As such, you are granted the authority to develop and promote the vision or direction of the project: you must provide a solution to this personnel crisis. More specifically, this means that it is considered common knowledge throughout the organizat

Woody 2000 Project

I am having difficulty answering these questions. a. How was startup managed on the Woody project? How should it have been managed? b. The Woody 2000 project was evidently not well run. Why? Give reasons for your opinion. c. Develop a list of "Key Success Indicators" that could and should have been measured on comple

Project Completion and Activity Time

You will be given a list of the activities of a project with completion time estimate for each activity. You will be asked to calculate 7 questions. (a) Calculate the expected duration of each activity. Also, calculate the expected duration of each path. (b) Calculate the variance of each activity and variance of each path. Al

Multicultural management in the virtual project setting

- Identify the most critical issues faced by managers with regard to the topic - Outline solutions to the issues identified using theories and best practices presented in an international management module - Cite real-world examples (I like to use the example of Google). (You may wish to focus on one organization but shoul

Developing a Project Plan

How do I write a Project Plan (developing an outline)? What must be taken into consideration for a project plan?

Using Project Risk Management

Please just pick one topic below and use Project Risk Management Plan point to develop the question. 1. Develop a risk management plan for school as a school authority - take an example of the recent gun shoot incident in the United States. 2. Image yourself in the role of a president and look at the case of the recent gun

Critical Issues for the Success of a Project

As a project manager, discuss the critical issues that affect the success of a project. Discuss the areas that you consider your strengths, and what areas would be hard for you to manage. Use specific examples to support your answer.

Web Infrastructure Improvement Project

The firm will focus on gathering information necessary to meet requirement of web hosting through assessment while making recommendation to create policies and procedure to address organization web hosting needs in several locations within the organization. The Project Manager will work with stakeholders and every team member to

The Four Grids of Competing Values Decision Making in designing a proficient framework to management strategic position within the targeted marketplace. The decision making model in outlining the procedural matrix applying strategies that define the competing values fo making proactive operation changes.

Your manager, Mr. Myers, is out of the office and has sent you an e-mail. The e-mail states that you have been doing a fantastic job, and this next assignment is a result of his absence. He asked the board of directors if he could give you the next assignment to complete and pass. Part 1 Mr. Myers tells you that the board

Software Development Project Management

Development of a new deluxe version of a particular software product is being considered. The activities necessary for the completion of this are listed in the table below. Activity Normal Time Crash Time Normal Cost Crash Cost Immediate Predecessor A 4 3 2,000

Levels of Quality

Compare the effort needed for the six levels of quality of an automobile to a toothbrush OR SOME OTHER SIMPLE ITEM. You can choose running shoes, ink pen, sun glasses, or any relatively simple product. Obviously the automobile requires a lot of effort due to the large number of components and interrelationships between them,

Disaster Recovery Plan - Project Manager

You have been appointed as a Project Manager in charge of security setup and operation of a 12-story government credit union and office complex unit. For design and implementation of a successful Disaster Recovery Plan for this building, what elements of concern do you need to plan for, and what new/modified internal organizatio

What is the Variance at Completion for This Project?

1. A project had a budget of $750,000 and was completed on time. The project expenses, however, were 15 percent more than what the project called for. What is the variance at completion for this project? A. Impossible to know-not enough information B. $112,500 C. $637,500 D. $750,000 2. Linda is a project manager for a

What is the minimum cost to complete this project in 14 days?

The data for a Time-Cost CPM Scheduling model analysis are given below. The times are in days. What is the minimum cost to complete this project in 14 days? (Hint: This problem requires crashing). Activity Immediate Predecessor Normal Time Crash Time Normal Cost Crash cost A None

Project Management: Analysis of Critical Paths

Suppose the length of critical path in a project is 50 days. The probability of completing the project within 50 days is: Less than 50% Greater than 50% Equal to 50% Can not be determined from the above data

Project Management Models and Information Systems

Envision a new information system for some business function for Stratasys. Compare and contrast at least 2 project management models for assessing the business value of this envisioned information system.

Project Capstone: Management Memo on Decision Making

What are methods of knowing if you are making good decisions? What assumptions are used in management? See attachment. You have just been promoted from front-line supervisor to be one of the firm's senior managers. During your business education, you learned that the primary role of a manager is to make good decisions. As

Approving Project Scope

Project Scope 1. Project deliverables and work required 2. Description of product (or service) 3. Project exclusions or constraints Discuss how the scope of the project will be approved and how changes to the scope will be documented, reviewed, and approved.

Identifying a Project Sponsor and Customer

I need help on part 3 of this. Identify the Project Sponsor (we are allowed to use anyone, even make up a name) & Customer. Write 600-750 words about your section out of this project plan. Discuss and come to a consensus on the scope of the project, including the major deliverables and the items that are not part of the

Change Management in a Project

Describe the concept of the change management process within a project. Provide two specific reasons why having a structured change management process will improve the chances of success for a project.

Project Management Stages

Discuss what stage of development is the most critical for high performance and project success. Use specific concepts and ideas.

Project Management: Closeout Checklist

Create a closeout checklist for a project including details on what steps you need to take to close the project and your communication methods in doing so. In addition, include what, if anything, could have been done differently to improve the project's performance.

Characteristics of High-Performing Project Management Teams

What are the four most important characteristics of high-performaning teams for project? Why are each so critical? How are they related to each other? Give at least to examples from each characteristics. Explain how outsources help or hinder the project. Would you use outsources again? Why or why not?