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Budget for development of News letter/Flyer- Wand Project

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Budget for the development of a Newsletter/Flyer- Wand Project

You are required to get a budget together; you need an estimate the developmental hours for each person
from internal to external graphic designer, web developer, secretary, errand boy/girl, typographer, and anyone else that is necessary. How many hours do we need to set PAY aside for each person area, deliverable, what is their respective pay scale?

Do not forget hours for the unseen people in the project process from couriers, secretaries, anyone who could indirectly require payment and INK, paper, film or memory card Indirect expenses that could be associated with the project development. Label direct expenses with a (D) and indirect expenses with (I)

Create a draft newsletter or Flyer

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//Budget development for new letter/Flyer-Wand project will need a business plan for covering all the required activities in form of money and duration of period. Several factors and materials will have to be considered before developing a valuable budget in order to working efficiently in future. All the required activities will be discussed in following paragraphs.//

The development process of budget for business of News letter / Flyer will need assessment of all kind of activities that take place at the initial stage and on later part of the business. At the initial stage, there will be requirement of advertisement regarding the business of News letter / Flyer that means arrangement of press conferences and some advertisements in print media crucial for future growth of the business. The nature of each activity at the initial stage expressed in terms of direct expense (D) and indirect expense (I) (Tracy & Tracy, 2011).

There will be two time ...

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