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Virtual Meetings

As the leader of a virtual team, how would you conduct a team orientation meeting if not face-to-face? Describe the challenges of not conducting the meeting face-to-face. Explain how you would overcome the challenges.

Please focus with this information in mind
Challenges of conducting an orientation meeting:
Time zone differences
Bandwidth limitations
Choice of technology to facilitate the meeting

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First, some challenges of conducting any virtual meeting include the following:

• Since the people are in different geographical locations, we cannot control their physical environment. There may be noise or other distractions, phones ringing, etc. in their environment. One way to mitigate this issue is to be clear about ground rules of the meeting: that everyone needs to assure that their environment is conducive to a professional meeting.

• Each person may be in different time zones, which has varying issues associated with it: First, in setting up the meeting, it is crucial to find the optimal time considering everyone's needs. (In subsequent meetings with the same people, you can choose, for example, more optimal times for your weakest contributors, so that they have the ...

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This solution includes information on the challenges of conducting virtual meetings, and how to deal with those challenges, and the differences between virtual and face to face meetings. It offers practical information for those who need to conduct virtual meetings.