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    Virtual meetings with live events. Don't dwell too much on costs.

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    Your company will be holding a meeting of 5 people from all over the country. They can set up a virtual meeting, where everyone stays home, or create a live event that brings everyone together. Compare and contrast virtual meetings with live events. Don't dwell too much on costs.

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    Comparisons and Contrasts of Virtual Meetings with Live Events
    Also known as Geographically Dispersed Teams (GDT), virtual teams has quickly become the business norm especially when working across space, time, and organizational boundaries and combined with links that continue to be strengthened by the webs of communication technology (Keogh, n.d.). It has been found that the frequency and predictability of communication, and the extent to which feedback is provided on a regular basis, improves communication effectiveness leading to higher trust and improving team performance as is usually seen within live events in comparison to virtual meetings (Jarvenpaa & Leidner, 1999). This is coupled with the fact that within virtual connections lays the opportunity for both team synergy and efficiency that is previously unrealized within traditional teams and also worker interaction (Virtual Team Sociology, n.d.).
    Lack of a shared work history coupled with the absence of face-to-face communication is another challenge as it makes it harder for virtual team members to gather information and evaluate one another's behaviors. O'Hara-Devereaux & Johansen (1994) noted in their article that the absence of face-to-face interaction creates both a sense of physical and psychological distances between team ...

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    The expert compares and contrasts virtual meetings with live events.