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    Business Communication and Meetings

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    Discussion Question # 4
    What benchmarks could you use to determine the effectiveness of your meetings?
    How effective is communication within a group?
    Virtual meetings, do the advantages outweigh the drawbacks?
    How effective is for an organization to meet with employees on a regular basis?
    Why have a meeting?, What do we want to accomplish?, Do we actually need a meeting?, and How do we make it effective?
    Are meetings the most effective way to communicate n the work place?
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    1. What benchmarks could you use to determine the effectiveness of your meetings?
    To determine if a meeting is effective, it has to answer yes to all the three questions below:
    ? Has the meeting achieved its objectives?
    In order for a meeting to be effective, it must have a purpose and at the start of the meeting, facilitators should be clear on the expected outcome or objective to be met. What is the meeting intended for - to make a decision, generate ideas, get status reports, communicate on something, or make plans?
    ? Did it take up a minimum amount of time?
    Was the time used wisely? People don't want their time wasted so streamline the meeting by starting with objective, cover only what needs to be covered by keeping an agenda and preparing the needed information on hand for reference purposes, and use the agenda as your time guide. Assign particular topics of discussion to save time and increase involvement.
    ? Did it leave the participants a feeling that the meeting has followed a sensible process?
    Ask people their feedback and create a participative discussion. Ensure a maximum satisfaction for all the participants by not allowing people to dominate the conversation, summarizing at end of discussions, ensuring that the meeting stays on topic, listing all tasks generated at the meeting and noting down the assignments and responsibilities.

    2. How effective is communication within a group?
    The communication in a group includes an exchange of ideas and languages may be spoken or unspoken, verbal or non-verbal and messages can be explicit and implied. The participants share and exchange information, ideas, and feelings.
    In order for two people to communicate effectively, they have talk and listen to each other as well so that doubts, confusions and misunderstandings are clarified resulting in both two parties understanding each other clearly. They also need to give and receive feedback to clarify matters. When ...

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