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Mediums in Business Communication

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Why is it important to choose proper mediums when communicating within a business environment? How are these communication mediums chosen and does one medium take precedence over another? What communication mediums have you used in your current or prior work experience. Do you find one method more effective over another? Explain some possible misuses of communication mediums. How do these affect the message? Provide examples within your current or previous work environment that supports your decision.

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The effectiveness of communication in a business depends on the channels that are used in its internal and external communication. Proper communication medium allows the company to relay information to its staff, bosses and other people responsible for certain tasks. It is detrimental for any business if information (e.g., good ideas, memo) is lost because people don't know how to communicate them to the right persons. It is also important for a company to inform their people of their tasks, responsibilities, assignments, as well as who deals with what and where to go for specific requests, updates on company matters, and comments, concerns, and suggestions from staff.

Internally, emails, telephones, face-to-face meetings, group meetings, and memos are good channels of communication. Email is good if all the staff can set aside a few minutes or a set schedule daily in checking their inbox. The interphone systems provide a private way of discussing things directly and it also saves ...

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