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Foreign Country's Interviews

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Problem, Identify four indiviuals who either grew up in a foreign country or who have lived in a foreign country for more than one year.Interview those four persons. Try to have four different countries represented. During each interview, develop a list of eight key differences between American style/custom and that particular country's style/custom in terms of various aspects of speaking, meetings,relationships,meals, friendships, and communication that could impact business dealings. Write a short (2-3 page) paper with outcomes and conclusions from your interviews.You can determine the countries.

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Foreign Country's Interviews
Within this paper, the interview was conducted on individuals from Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and France.

Key differences between American Style and Japanese style:

The Japanese way of listening involves the incorporation of smiley nods while making polite noises which is not evident in the American way of talking. When it comes to communication, the American focus more on the use of verbal communication where they utilize the English language unlike in Japan where similes as well as the Japanese language is mostly used. The Japanese tend to pay more attention on ...

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The foreign Country's Interviews are examined.

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