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Project management techniques in organization for benefit

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The text describes the "tangible benefits" of using project management in Chapter Six, including the following areas:

Lower Cost
Shortened schedules
No sacrifice of scope or quality
Higher customer satisfaction

Using Higher customer Sat, describe why it is mandatory to have strong project management techniques in the organization to reach the benefit. Use examples from a project where you were a project manager or team member that gives specific examples of the business benefit.

250-300 words 2 sources

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Strong project management helps in higher customer satisfaction by ensuring that all the projects in an organization are completed as per desired, schedule and scope defined by the client. In other words, effective project management techniques allow an organization to ensure the delivery of the project as close as possible to the customer's expectations which, in turn, helps in attaining highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

Strong project management techniques help in controlling the project in an effective manner and ...

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Discusses why it is mandatory to have strong project management techniques in the organization to reach the benefit.

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