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Service processes in multiple departments

If a process under analysis is extensive and cuts across several departmental lines, it may benefit from forming a(n):

Select one:
a. implementation team
b. steering team
c. brainstorming team
d. benchmarking team

An effective tool for showing steps of a service process when the business process spans multiple department boundaries is a:

Select one:
a. check sheet
b. swim lane flowchart
c. check list
d. service blueprint

Which one of the following techniques will help management trace customer complaints directly to the process involved?

Select one:
a. quality circles
b. quality engineering
c. cause-and-effect diagram
d. specification management

When managing processes, it is vital that:

Select one:
a. design teams are not held accountable since their involvement ends once the new process rolls out.
b. the organization is not satisfied unless fundamental reengineering changes are made.
c. design teams are allowed to function creatively and set their own charter.
d. attention is paid to competitive priorities and strategic fit.

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