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Project Management

Project/Operations Management

Please help me with: (1) Present a convincing disparate treatment claim of someone being discriminated against based on age (2) Present a rebuttal to that affect (of the disparate treatment claim). Please provide me with an example in detail using at least 900-1000 words.

Calculating Annual Project Free Cash Flow

In the spring of 2010, Jemison Electric was considering an investment in a new distribution center. Jemisons CFO anticipates additional earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of $ 100,000 for the first year of operation of the center in 2011, and, over the next five years, the firm estimates that this amount will grow at a ra

Critical issues that affect the success of a project

As a project manager, discuss the critical issues that affect the success of a project. Discuss the areas that you consider your strengths, and what areas would be hard for you to manage. Use specific examples to support your answer.

Cost of wine decreases as output increases -- why?

The controller predicted the following costs at various levels of wine output: (see the attached file for proper formatting) wine output (0.75 litre bottles) 10000 bottles 15000 bottles 20000 bottles variable production costs 44,400.00 66,600.00

Project Management and Decision Making

Project Management and Decision Making Respond to the following in discussion: - Who approves and reject changes to the scope of the project? - Who approves and reject resources. - Should the project manager have full authority to change control? - What type of system should be in place to manage change request? - Explain

Project Crashing Cost Calculations

Using the activity matrix information and diagram, how would I determine: - the crash cost per day for each activity - which activities I would have to crash in order to meet a 12 day deadline at minimum cost - how much more would it cost to crash the project Activity Normal Time Crash Time Normal Cost

IT Project Request

What information is typically included in an initial IT project request? In a project charter?

Post-Project Evaluations

Why do you think organizations tend to ignore post-project evaluations? How could the concept of making such evaluations mandatory be implemented? How does an understanding of how people learn affect project evaluations? Using measurement strategies can help determine whether or not there is a need for a quality-improvement p

Guidance for A Research Project for Akron

Scenario: You are a research analyst with a large research and development firm, Akron Research. Your firm performs studies and analysis for companies that need product, process improvement, manufacturing, and consulting research services. You have been assigned to develop a comprehensive research strategy and plan and de

Estimating Task Duration

Imagine that you are a project manager. How would you begin to estimate the time that a project would take to complete? Given a small or simple project, this task may not seem too daunting; however, for a large, complex project, such as the construction of a high-rise building, the task of estimating time for project completion

Choosing the best investment proposal

Just One, Inc. has two mutually exclusive investment projects P & Q, shown below. Suppose the interest rate is 10%. Project Investment Year 1 Year 2 IRR NPV(r=10%) P -200.00 140 128.25 22.4% 33.26 Q -100.00 80.00

Benefits of Project Planning and Project Management Organizational Systems

Develop a 20-minute presentation that you will give to your manager and the project sponsors. The presentation should cover the following: the benefits of project planning, project management within the various types of organizational systems, and how your approach to project management will affect the success of the project out

Project Stakeholders and Sponsors

Can you give me a sample of how to answer these questions? Who are your stakeholders for this project? What characteristics do you look for when identifying a project stakeholder? Assume that each business unit and department has a director at the head, as well as the 3 managers who report to each director. Identify the pro

The importance of project planning, and the project management process.

Please help me get this started. I need to develop a presentation covering the following: the benefits of project planning and project management within the various types of organizational systems, and how an approach to project management will affect the success of the project outcome.

Project Management in Journals

Hi, I'm looking for analysis of journals ( 2 journals is enough ) related to Project Management. The Analysis should cover benefits of reading the journals. Thank you.

Requirements of a Good Project Manager

The first step to convincing everyone at HLR of the need for project management is helping the IT staff and business managers understand what a project manager does. Prepare a presentation outlining the main role of a project manager, and identify the skills that are needed as well as explaining how a good manager can: - Apply

IT project failure

What are the main reasons for IT project failure? What is the most important thing that management can do to increase the likelihood of IT project success?

Cost Benefits Analysis.

When performing a Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA) CBA, how do you validate assumptions and apply reasonable costs? When a project manager formulates the project budget, should management reserves or contingencies be considered? What is the difference between the two and when should either be applied. How do you ensure that t

Operation Management-Learning Curve

It cost a contractor $12,750 to manufacture their first unit. The company expects to experience a 94% unit learning curve. Estimate the cost of the 10th unit. A $11,985 B $10,380 C $11,057 D $15,661

Stocks of an old raw material in a special project

McNeilly Inc. is considering using stocks of an old raw material in a special project. The special project would require all 220 kilograms of the raw material that are in stock and that originally cost the company $1804 in total. If the company were to buy new supplies of this raw material on the open market, it would cost $8.55

Directed Research Project

How important is it maintain a schedule of completion when working on an assignment of this length? Please discuss if you are maintaining one such as having dates for completion of the chapters throughout the end of the course?

What constitutes a "project"?

1. What constitutes a "project"? Based on the weekly reading or PMI PMBOK, what is the definition of a project? 2. Should scope changes proposed by a sponsor be treated differently than scope changes from a team member or other stakeholder? Why or why not? As a project manager, explain how you would maintain the quality of th