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Project Management

Stocks of an old raw material in a special project

McNeilly Inc. is considering using stocks of an old raw material in a special project. The special project would require all 220 kilograms of the raw material that are in stock and that originally cost the company $1804 in total. If the company were to buy new supplies of this raw material on the open market, it would cost $8.55

Directed Research Project

How important is it maintain a schedule of completion when working on an assignment of this length? Please discuss if you are maintaining one such as having dates for completion of the chapters throughout the end of the course?

What constitutes a "project"?

1. What constitutes a "project"? Based on the weekly reading or PMI PMBOK, what is the definition of a project? 2. Should scope changes proposed by a sponsor be treated differently than scope changes from a team member or other stakeholder? Why or why not? As a project manager, explain how you would maintain the quality of th

Comprehensive IT Project Question

You have been asked to be the project manager for the development of an information technology (IT) project. The system to be developed will allow a large company to coordinate and maintain records of the professional development of its employees. The company has over 30,000 employees who are located in four sites: Florida, Colo

Difficulties for Contractors Entering Into a Joint Project

Two contractors decide to enter into a joint venture on a project. What difficulties can occur if the contractors have decided on work assignments, and what changes may be necessary if problems occur? What happens if one contractor has higher salary levels and overhead rates?

Project Management of a functional employee

1. Consider a situation in which the project manager (a generalist) is asked to provide an evaluation of a functional employee (a specialist). Can the project manager effectively evaluate the functional employee on technical performance? If not, then on what information can the project manager base his or her evaluation? Can a

Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Risk Assessment

This is an assignment related to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Details are in attachment. This assignment/project has THREE PARTS: PART 1: Each identified hazard should have the following components (Item 1 ~ 4 below): 1) What kind of employee exposure(s) does each hazard have? In other words,

PMI chapter meeting

You are attending your local PMI chapter meeting. Fortunately, it draws project managers from many different industries, not just technology. In fact, several members have experience managing projects across industries. Respond to the following questions to join in the discussion: How important is it for a project manager

Comprehensive IT Project

Details: Scenario You have been asked to be the project manager for the development of an information technology (IT) project. The system to be developed will allow a large company to coordinate and maintain its records of the professional development of its employees. The company has over 30,000 employees, who are located i

NYSEG Project Share

I need some help getting started with the following case: 1. Identify the problems identified in the case. Evaluate the options of possible solutions presented by the authors. 2. Do you agree that NYSEG's Project Share is both altruistic and good business? Why, or why not? Explain. 3. Would Milton Friedman and R. Edward Fre

Maturity and Standardization

What are some issues that project managers need to be mindful of during the final stages of projects? What does the term "maturity" mean in project management? What is the purpose of standardization and how does it play a role in protecting project stakeholders?

Using Budgeting Plans to Track and Compare Actual Data

What are some of the ways that a project manager can use budgeting plans to track and compare actual data on project progress? In what sense is some cost reporting not reflective of the actual work performed? How can a project manager remedy this situation?

Understanding the Critical Path

(1) Why is it critical to the success of the project to understand the critical path? (2) Can there be more than one critical path in a given project schedule? (3) How would you monitor and control your project schedule? (4) Why is it important to know the ES, LS, EF, and LF of a given project? (5) How would you use this data wh

Establishing Project Objectives

Establishing a project objective is a critical component to the project. Why do you think this is critical? What happens if a project objective is not clearly stated or known?

The Project Charter and Scope Statement

Why are the Project Charter and Project Scope Statement artifacts critical to the success of a project? Describe some of the key elements of these artifacts.

The Inner-workings of a Project

As organizations set their business strategy or establish their goals, there are new needs identified. Recognizing organizations may have a number of different needs, there are many projects to consider. How are projects selected? Why do you think it is important to evaluate potential projects before proceeding with implementati

Key Stakeholders.

You have been appointed as a project manager for a high dollar project for the public sector and you have been asked by your boss to identify the stakeholder groups and the individuals who make up those groups in order to start the stakeholder analysis. Identify at least six groups of stakeholders and the individuals who compris

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workplace issues

Different countries may have different laws and maybe some of their safety standards may be lower than ours. But, by the same token, when OSHA requires roofing contractors who have been climbing ladders for 20 years to attend ladder class - maybe we have gone too far. So, where do you draw the line? Child labor may be an obvi

Project Planning..

As Richard H. Thayer justly states: "A plan in the mind of a man is not a plan." Taking a cue from the above, planning is a scrupulous effort that needs to be well documented in order for projects to succeed. In your experience, what projects have you seen fail (or terminate abnormally) for which you think the planning wa

Conflict Resolution

What are some types of conflicts that could occur on a project, and how might a project manager facilitate the resolution of conflicts?