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Project Management

Project Management Methology

Please help with the following problem. As a project manager to build a new data center for XXX Inc., how do you estimate this project's costs? This is the first time that your company is bidding on this project and there is no historical data available to use. Suggest three methodologies that you will use to estimate the co

Total Cost for Project Completion

Please reference the attachment. Given the project information shown below in the network and time/cost table: (see attached file for diagram) Task Duration Fixed Cost Resource Resource Usage Cost/hour A (1,2) 7 $2,000 Jean 50% * $30 B (1,3) 10 $1,850 Julie 100% $40 C (2,3) 4 $1,260 David 100% $45 D (3,4)

Project Management Task

The G&E Company is preparing a bid to build the new 50,000 seat Greendale baseball stadium. The construction must start on Monday July 2, 2012, and be completed in time for the start of the 2015 season. A penalty clause of $10,000 per workday of delay beyond May 31, 2015 is written into the contract. Ben Keith, the president of

Project Management Case Study: Report Breakdown and Analysis

Please reference the attachment. Assume you are the director of external affairs for a national not-for-profit medical research center that does research on diseases related to aging. The center's work depends on funding from multiple sources, including the general public, individual estates, and grants from corporations, f

Propose Research Project

Propose Research Project You are a brand manager of a snack chip. Your goal is to determine what effects different levels of online advertising (see have on a consumer's behavior. The VP of Brand Management will want strong justification

Gauging Success

Recap a software implementation project that you have experienced. Describe your role as well as the purpose and results of the project (or expected results if the project is still in progress). Then, identify three issues or trade-offs that you would like to have seen done differently. Explain the long term "costs" - the impact

Systems View Approach

What does it mean to take a systems view of a project? Why or why not is this a good way for an organization to view projects? What are the pros and cons to the systems view approach?

Project Management for Information Technology

1. What is the role of the project manager? 2. What are the two most important abilities a good project manager should have? 3. Would you feel comfortable in a role as project manager? 4. What is your experience in project management? What is your experience in information technology project management? 5. Do you possess th

Project Management: Designing New IT Services for the Business

You have been promoted to manager of a six-member team responsible for designing new IT services for the business. The idea the team is working on involves personal video streaming, which could take social networking and customer relationship management to the next level. The company wants to beat the competition to the market a

Project Planning and Selection

Why is the process of identifying and selecting projects so crucial to an organization's success? Why is it that organizations undertake information system (IS) projects. Do you have any experience as a team member in making go/no go type of project decisions?

Project Management Processes

I need some assistance with this assignment: You are designing a grocery delivery business. Via the Internet, your company will offer staples and frozen foods in a large metropolitan area and then deliver them within a customer-defined window of time. You plan to partner with two major food stores in the area. What should be

State of Operation

Consider the following financial statements for BestCare HMO, a not-for-profit managed care plan: BestCare HMO Statement of Operation and Change in Net Assets Year Ended June 30, 2007 (in thousand) Revenue: Premiums earned $26,682.00 Co-insurance $ 1,689.00 Interest and other income $ 242.00 Total re

Project Planning & Implementation

What are you thoughts on the following questions? I need some help getting started: 1. Why are accurate estimates critical to effective project management? What steps can project managers take to improve the accuracy of estimating projects? 2. What argument can you provide as to why a project's scope must be tied to the Wo

Project Management problems

If the indirect cost for each duration are $1,300 for 16 weeks, $1,290 for 15 weeks, $1,250 for 14 weeks, $1,200 for 13 weeks, $1,100 for 12 weeks, $1,020 for 11 weeks and $1,000 for 10 weeks, compute the total cost for each duration. Show critical paths. What is the optimum cost-time schedule? Show your work with analysis.

Procurement Process

Project Description The firm will develop a sophisticated online web portal infrastructure which will support quality improvement programs in five plants in different locations of the company. The manufacturing operations will have to report progress, submit data, share ideas, measure and monitor quality improvement initiativ

Investment Analysis: Research project

Stock, Commodity and Mutual Fund Project You will complete a research project for this course that includes an in-depth analysis of two stocks, two futures contracts and two mutual funds. You will complete the following for the financial instruments that you choose: 1 Historical summary/ profile 2 Printed price lis

Decision making

Expando, Inc., is considering the possibility of building an additional factory that would produce a new addition to its product line. The company is currently considering two options. The first is a small facility that it could build at a cost of $6 million. If demand for new products is low, the company expects to receive $10


Option A You can purchase a new building within the city limits for $525,000. The city will offer a special incentive reducing the price by $25,000. The city will finance the building over a period of 20 years at a 5.25% APR Should you pay the loan off 5 years early the city will rebate you an additional 10% of the purchase

Project Management

-Analyze the organizations basic legal, social and economic issues -Analyze managerial, operational, and financial issues including -Project management -Project timelines -Critical paths and contingency planning -Implementation plan contingencies -Staffing needs and tools Also include 1 Gantt chart example along with

Project management discussions

1. What are the best practices used by firms to outsource project work? 2. Why is it important for project managers to gather data on the work that has been executed in the project? 3. What major information would you expect to find in a project closure review?

Project Team Dynamics, Leadership, and Conflict Management

Charlie Poole's Three Week Project Turnaround: And ""Lessons learned from the Three Week Project Turnaround: What went right, what went wrong, and why" - How much flexibility do project managers typically exerc

Project Communications Management: Meetings

The most common way that many organizations communicate is through periodic meetings. At the same time, almost everyone complains about meetings being a waste of time. Below is an attached humorous cartoon poster about calling a meeting. Comment on the cartoon. Explain in your comment the best ways to use meetings for project

Project Operations and Controls

"To what degree is it really possible to meaningfully manage risks in project management?" -What is project failure? -How can the risk of project failure be reduced? -What are the costs of protecting against project failure? -To what factors lead to project success?

Project Planning, Budgeting, and Scheduling

"What's the appropriate level and kinds of advice about the Systems Development Life Cycle are appropriate to give to the aspiring Project manager?" -How is knowledge of the SDLC useful in IT project management?' -What would you want to know in the same situation? -Do you think the SDLC is dated or is it still necessary to

IT Implementation: The Project Life Cycle

"Is project management more of a science or more of an art form?" -Science" is generally defined by replicable, learnable procedures that tend toward success, art by the unpredictable, capable of being carried out by skilled practitioners but in ways that they are not always able to explain -What do we mean by "success"? -I

Final Project Part VI

Your organization in the new geographical location has been operating for over a year. There have been a lot of positive changes, but a few obstacles still remain. Answer the following: -What are the organizational strengths and weaknesses? -How can management increase its understanding and application of business etiquett

Internet Available for Employees Usages

I want to discuss senior management's ability to communicate with its employees. 1. Is the Internet available for employee usage? Why or why not? 2. What is the management's role in the dissemination of information to employees? 3. How will foreign managers communicate with the home base? 4. What challenges might