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Project Management Models and Information Systems

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Envision a new information system for some business function for Stratasys. Compare and contrast at least 2 project management models for assessing the business value of this envisioned information system.

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Let's assume that Stratasys is planning to implement a new customer relationship management system for its customer service as well as sales and marketing department. The CRM is expected to significantly improve the sales and customer satisfaction as it will empower the sales and marketing professionals to better understand customer needs and offer products/services and customer support as per the needs and preference of the customer.

For the purpose of this assignment, we will compare the classic Waterfall model versus the Agile project management model. In the traditional waterfall model, all the requirements for the project will be gathered upfront during the requirement gathering stage and the project will move forward through the different phases in a sequence. As requirements are gathered upfront and client feedback is not ...

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