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Critical Issues for the Success of a Project

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As a project manager, discuss the critical issues that affect the success of a project. Discuss the areas that you consider your strengths, and what areas would be hard for you to manage. Use specific examples to support your answer.

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A project manager must guide and manage a project in order to achieve the project goals. Critical issues that affect the success of the project include the ability of the project manager to complete the project within the scope, time and budget of the project. These items must be managed throughout the length of the project, with the project manager engaging in leadership to guide staff through the varied processes necessary to succeed.

A project manager must initially define the project scope of the work, the resources needed, as well as the goals and deliverable. Once determined, responsibilities need to be assigned to capable personnel. The ability to delegate work is important, as well as the ability to work within the assigned resource limitations. This includes the money and time allowed for the project. This can be difficult, in the event that project reaches unexpected bottlenecks or is faced with situations involving multiple change requests.

During the project all aspects of the business ...

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This solution discusses issues that are critical to success of a project, and areas which one might be easier or harder to manage based upon a person's strengths and weaknesses. Examples and APA references are used to support answer.

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