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Measuring success of LMS

This is for Deepshikha Gupta, #107859

Throughout BA647 I completed weekly assignments on GU's project to replace its current learning management system. I am now writing a Capstone project continues where BA647 finished and requires critical thinking and analysis skills related to the project. The final project in this course is to develop an overall plan for measuring success of GU's new learning management system.

Write a one page executive summary on this project to include:
- Goals & Objectives
- Stakeholder Analysis & Impact
- Major deliverables and milestones
- Major issues and risks

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Executive Summary

A successful learning management system at GU would support goals of objectives of the university in the prescribed guidelines. However it may be difficult to ascertain whether the new learning system has made any difference unless there is a way to measure the success. The plan for measuring success of LMS at GU, thus should have certain goals. These goals help in accessing whether the ...

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The document is an executive summary of project to measure success of new learning management system