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    Comparing Intelligent Tutoring/Learning Management Systems

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    Research the internet for information on the intelligent tutoring system (ITS) and learning management system (LMS).

    Compare and contrast the two systems.

    In your answer, discuss the role each plays in the training process.

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    An Intelligent tutoring system (ITS) is an electronic learning system that used artificial intelligence, to assist the learner. It may provide hints or reminders, if the student repeatedly enters and incorrect answer. According to AAAI (2010) an ITS can be a "teaching tool adjusts to the strengths and weaknesses of each student." A learning management system (LMS) can also provide valuable instruction, but lacks the intelligence to adapt to the specific needs of the individual ...

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    This discussion analyzes the benefits and challenges of both intelligent tutoring and learning management systems, in terms of how they are applied to the learner. A brief explanation of how both systems work is also provided.