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Learning Organizations

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It is likely that your organization uses various decision-support programs, such as programs that automate production, programs for resource optimization, and so on.

Briefly describe the situation inside your company, in terms of the use of such systems, and discuss whether it can be characterized as a learning organization.

Support your (positive or negative) statement(s) by arguments and examples where possible.

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In our company, there are several decision-support programs being used. As our company tries to be competitive in spite of different factors affecting business, the company has strived to use modern technologies. This helps the company become more productive and helps improve the quality of production. The management has replaced the old and traditional methods in production and has replaced them with equipments that are programmed to automate different tasks, such as component placement and mounting, box building and assembly, and product packaging. Our company has also improved the software tools we use for design, such as intelligent computer-aided drawing, software design tools, simulation software and product test tools. The company has also improved the information systems for improved knowledge and information distribution within the company. Our company has embraced modernization ...

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