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    Measuring successes of LMS

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    The final project in this course is to develop an overall plan for measuring success of GU's new learning management system. For this assignment please develop measurement methods (such as a survey or questionnaire to students) to obtain a current baseline of understanding and expectations of a learning management system. The feedback from the surveys or questionnaires will be provided to instructional designers for improvements to the new system. In addition, determine how the results will be collected, measured, and compared to future results.

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    Learning Management System at GU
    Measurement Methods

    The new leaning management system would be a success if it is aligned to objectives of GU. The LMS would also eventually be measured based on a variety of factors like GU policies, environment in which learning is performed, training process and others. There are four ways in which LMS could be used for ensuring effective and better learning measurement:

    - One of the end goals of LMS should be effective measurement of learning. When measurement is set as an objective right in the beginning, all the inputs from different stakeholders are aligned with it.
    - LMS should be overall strategy not just a tool. While measurements are already present as processes like assessments are conducted after training, these are not mapped to the LMS. The LMS would offer measurement processes like assessments, surveys, etc. For the users of LMS survey should be conducted after three months of usage of LMS and changes in their ...

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