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Levels of Quality

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Compare the effort needed for the six levels of quality of an automobile to a toothbrush OR SOME OTHER SIMPLE ITEM. You can choose running shoes, ink pen, sun glasses, or any relatively simple product.

Obviously the automobile requires a lot of effort due to the large number of components and interrelationships between them, while a toothbrush (or your item) is pretty simple. Yet both of them require all six quality levels to assure a quality product (as do all products).

Compare each quality level and the effort needed for the automobile and the simple item you choose. Write at least two pages discussing these comparisons (similarities and differences).

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The levels of quality is examined and compared.

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Automobiles are characterized by strict safety requirements due to a large number of components which go into making. The different levels of quality for automobile are:
• The Certified Automotive Parts Association standards deal with requirements for the various auto parts which go into any automobile to protect passengers from the hazards of collision.
• The International Organization for Standardization has formulated a standard for determining net power of automobile engines. Engine power is considered by many automobile buyers as value determinant and this standard is an indispensible component of quality control.
• There is an international standard for automobile tires and rims which provides design guidelines and approved contours.
• Automobiles must undergo and pass gas exhaust emission tests before they could be used on public roads.
• Brake system must be tested and measured ...

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