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    strategies for improving quality and morale

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    One of your new contacts from the teambuilding seminar has called you for help. She is the Human Resource Manager of a larger manufacturing company. Her division is divided into 7 departments and each department is dependent on the other for success.

    In today's morning production meeting, the superintendents expressed much concern over low product quality. Additionally, the plant manager announced this week that corporate sales have increased production goals 50 percent for the next two quarters. Production demands have been high and the equipment has been running non-stop for several months.

    Over the past few months she has noticed an increase in absenteeism from several of the departments. Resignations are on the rise. The division staffing goals are at an all time low, which means that since the production goals have increased, so will overtime. Employee motivation has been slowly decreasing and this is having a negative impact on employee performance.

    Your friend has outlined several concerns. Your assignment is to help her follow the diagnostic process and identify at least four of those concerns. Help her create strategies that HRM could use to help change the present culture.

    Send your friend an e-mail on the concerns and diagnosis you have highlighted and the strategies that you recommend for changing morale and quality of the product.

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    Some of the important concerns in the organizations and recommendations to resolve those concerns are:

    1) Poor motivation levels: The basic issue or concern which is the root cause of few other problems in the organization is the poor motivation levels and morale among the employees. The consequences of such poor motivation levels are increased in absenteeism, high employee turnover, lack of quality as well as poor efficiency levels in the entire organization. Thus, this issue needs to be handled with utmost importance and strategies should be devised to improve the motivation and morale levels of the employees.

    First of all, in order to motivate the employees, HR team will need to suggest a suitable rewards and incentives program to the management, so that employees feel motivated to enhance their productivity and efficiency levels, enhance their level of trust and loyalty towards the organization and handle the increased workload and pressures with full motivation and ease. In other words, management will be able to uplift the motivation levels by providing adequate monetary and other ...

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    strategies for improving quality and morale