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Vision of the Project: Advancement Corporation

As the project manager for Advancement Corporation, you act as the CEO's deputy. As such, you are granted the authority to develop and promote the vision or direction of the project: you must provide a solution to this personnel crisis. More specifically, this means that it is considered common knowledge throughout the organization that you, as the project manager, have the ability to identify, plan, be the catalyst to execute a plan, and provide closure for the plan to address the "raid" of your corporation's key personnel by a predatory executive search firm.

To identify, plan, and execute this project, you must first develop a means for communicating with existing department heads in the research and development and sales departments. The goals of these two departments must not only be met, they must be reconciled. The director of research and development contends that developing the pharmaceuticals is the critical role of Advancement Corporation. As such, she believes the new recruiters should have expertise in recruiting and selecting scientists. In contrast, the executive director of the sales department believes that the actual selling of the prescription drugs in doctors' offices and hospitals is the key to the company's success.

As the project manager, you must do the following:

1. Develop a list of 10 questions that will be asked of the executive director of research and development and the executive director of sales in a joint interview.
2. Provide the CEO with your strategy for dealing with this conflict between the two executive directors. In doing so, you are to address the following:
- Which communication techniques will you rely on to resolve potential disputes between these two directors?
- How will you plan this critical meeting between yourself and the department heads? What will be the agenda for the meeting? Provide an outline.
- In executing and providing closure for the joint, voluntary, and crucially important participation of these two executive directors, which specific goals will you attempt to gain joint agreement upon?
- How will you measure whether and/or the degree to which these goals have been reached?

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List of Questions
1. What skills are required for recruitment in R&D department and Sales department? Is there any overlap?
2. Does the current team fulfill the requirements of R&D and Sales department?
3. What steps are taken to enhance efficiency in product development and drive performance in selling?
4. Are Research & Development and Selling departments aligned to business strategy?
5. What measures are being taken to reduce attrition of key personnel?
6. If there is no focus on R&D, do you think there would be an impact on Sales? If yes, in what ways do you think sales would be impacted?
If there is no focus on Sales, do you think there would be an impact on R&D? If yes, in what ways do you think R&D would be impacted?
7. Why do you think different departments in an organization can operate independently?
8. Should each division/department of an organization have individual goals or a common goal?
9. What impact does solidarity have on organizational goals and long-term performance?
10. What is the role of inter-departmental communication in an ...

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