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    Using MS Project for Cost Management

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    This entry provides instructions and an example that shows how one can properly create a project schedule and manage a budget via MS Project. YouTube and the Microsoft websites do a great job of providing instructions for learning MS Project and SharePoint, however, very few examples address how the program relates to students taking Project Management courses.

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    Solution Summary

    Learning how to create project schedules is instrumental to the success of any student taking cost management and/or project management courses. While this example does not contain a polished version of a project schedule, it still does a great job of showing what the work breakdown structure (WBS), Gantt chart, overall budget, earned value and variances look like via MS Project. Additionally, it mirrors some of the same views that can be found in SharePoint's scheduling/task assignment tools, which will also be helpful. Solution is provided in 3 attachments, 2 in Microsoft Project Viewer, and 1 in Word.