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Project Management

Project Problems and Termination

Project Libra: to Terminate or not to Terminate After reading the case study and visiting the Website reference below, help with the following questions. http://itweek.co.uk/News/11329438 to see the string of news stories related to Project Libra. 1. Identify some of the sources of the problems the project faces. 2. If

Project Management Theory: Constraints and Disruptions

This excerpt answers the following questions: What are your most important considerations when building a project schedule? Must you first consider deadlines? What kinds of scheduling constraints are common? What factors might intervene between the plan and its execution to disrupt the resources assigned to the project?

The Uses of Earned Value Calculations in Project Management

Earned Value Calculations have many uses in project management. This excerpt gives a brief overview of the theory. This entry will provide you with answers to the following questions: Why are earned value techniques any different than just comparing the traditional budget to date with the expenditures to date? After reviewing th

Changes In Project Plan

One of the risks you anticipated for the project was the late delivery of the prototype from the vendor. You adjusted your project schedule to minimize the impact of the risk, built in a penalty for late delivery, and created action plans in case the vendor delivered late. You also identified a risk with the vendor that they hav

Opportunity assessment on a tight deadline

Scenerio: Your team is working on the opportunity assessment when you are notified there will be room on the agenda of the senior executive monthly meeting for you to present your results. There is great excitement about this assessment, and the senior executives do not want to wait. As you did not anticipate getting in front

Project Schedule Variables

What are the variables that must be considered when developing a project schedule? Give a short explanation of how they impact the schedule development

Jet propulsion laboratory for the MBE mission

I am looking for assistance in the analysis of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory case study. 1. Should Gentry Lee recommend launch or delay for the MBE mission? What are the most important factors to consider in this decision? 2. Identify the principal risk-management processes used in the MBE project. What role does each play

Project Schedule and Critical Path

Based on the material covered in class and using the following information about the activities of a project, please identify: 1. the shortest amount of time in which the project schedule can be crashed without exceeding $7K and 2. the project critical path that resulted from crashing the project Please see attachment fo

Simulation Methods: Project Risks

Explain the possible benefits to using one of the simulation methods when assessing for possible project risks. Why is this method better for some projects than risk mapping, FMEA, the gut-feeling method, and the Delphi method?

Project Team Attributes

What are the attributes necessary for a team to be effective when preparing to begin a project initiation? Are all equally important? Why, or why not?

High Risk Hazards

The organisation has tasked to reduce the rate of a particular type of incident or particular type of high risk hazards which is commonly occurring. The task requires to address the following with respect to the particular incident in accordance with the organisational procedures. 1. Select an incident or particular type of h

Operations Management Case Studies

See attachment for data: Lesson 3 A. Henry Morgan is interested in analyzing one particular job that his company has bid on. It is essentially an assembly job with some machine work as well. His foreman has told Mr. Morgan that the whole job can best be analyzed by breaking it down into a total of 11 activities, not cou

Successful Project Risk Management: Sponsor Change Request

1.How should a project manager respond to a change request from a sponsor that is clearly beyond the scope of the project? Please explain 2. What can be done to ensure effective and successful project risk management? Please explain, provide examples

Handling of the crisis by Obama administration.

During a recent visit to Colombia, several members of the Secret Service apparently engaged in various forms of misconduct. What is your assessment of the Obama administration's handling of the crisis?

Contemporary Issues in Project Management

The recruitment of key personnel such as recruitment specialists, sales managers, and scientists is now well under control and almost complete. Your company needs 3 more scientists. An executive recruiter offers you the opportunity, within budget, to provide you with the means of acquiring these necessary personnel. The dilemma

Employee Training Program Project Risk

I need to prepare a project risk document for an employee training program that I am developing. The project risk document should have the following elements in the body: Can you please help me with what this may look like. - Risk identification. - Risk assessment. - Risk response planning. - Risk monitoring.

Project Adjustments & Procurement

1. Can you make a full stop on a project to make adjustments? Justify your answer. 2. In the restaurant industry, what could be the single most difficult issue in procurement management for a project manager? Why?

Effective Project Management

What was the project? Briefly explain whether or not the project was successful. What factors contributed to how well the project worked or how it did not work?

Case Study: Project Scheduling at Blanque Check Construction

Case Study: Project Scheduling at Blanque Check Construction Refer to this case study below and provide input for the questions. Joe has worked for Blanque Cheque Construction (BCC) for five years, mainly in administrative positions. Three months ago, he was informed that he was being transferred to the firm's project ma

Project Management Life Cycle Critique

In approximately 800 words, you are now to aggressively defend the logic underlying at least 2 of the other project managers' strategic plans (pick 2 of your fellow classmates). In doing so, be sure to inform your CEO of the following: - The general strengths attributable to the project management life cycle theory - Why the

Project Management & WBS

1. Why are accurate estimates critical to effective project management? Please explain in detail. 2. What argument can you provide as to why a project's scope must be tied to the WBS? Please explain in detail.

Mission, Turnover, Cost, and Quality

Please write a small paragraph about one of these : Apple - Wal-Mart- V . Mega start Mission- Turnover- Low and high cost - Low and high quality company cares about its employees should be like a family working environment should people strive to work together