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Internationalization of Project Management

Project management (PM) demands a lot of communication for each task as it represents defining the task, identifying the time to complete the task, orientation of tasks, and resources such as people and costs to complete the task on time. In some projects there might be hundreds of tasks with interim goals. In today's world a project management group and those assigned to work on the project can be anyone and from any country be they in the U.S. or abroad. Thus, we now have new limitation that might be added to task completion time, language and culture differences.

Please provide some cultural and or language differences a PM group might encounter when working on a project with many tasks. If you have some experience please give us the value of your experience(s).

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When dealing with PM there are many moving parts, tasks, people, and resources that must come together at just the right time to ensure that everything stays on schedule and that the project is successful. When dealing with PM in the globalized world the entire atmosphere can become more complex. When working with individuals from different countries on the same project, there can be more then just a language barrier to over come. While language is one factor that needs to be considered, it is often the easiest to fix. ...

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Project management is the coming together of many different resources, people, and elements in a timely manner to complete a project and be successful. This becomes even more complex with the addition of different cultures and the many barriers that need to be over come. So for this reason it is essential that the project manager plans for these differences.