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    Project Management for New Initiatives

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    Imagine as a project manager for Apple Inc. you are presented with 3 new initiatives and requested to recommend you choice of one. Which one would you choose and why?

    The products are the new 55-inch iTV, iWatch and iWallet. Through the course of capturing requirements, you come up with the following Table(s) for each initiative:

    Given the (attached) data, which project would you advise should be selected and why indicating analysis?
    For the recommended project (either iTV, iWatch, or iWallet), indicate a 5 level Work Breakdown Structure.

    See attached file for data.

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    In assessing the best project to invest in an overall assumption to leading towards success reflects how the proficient resources can sustain the project deliverables. By doing so, the assigned tasks deliverables can reach completion in a timely many that refrains from impacting the overall project. Let's take a look at the core attributes of focus in recommending the best project to complete:

    Given the above data, which project would you advise should be selected and why indicating analysis?

    Try and think of assessing the project base on primary factors of concern that if not managed correctly, the outcome will render a less effective end result. For instance, the project selection must hone on adaptability to possible current market changes that can impact the overall project scope if not having contingency plans in place. When the objective is low cost for project implementation for producing the product, the observation is in selecting a project that reframes from higher unit costs leading to more project overhead expenditures. For instance, the following can relate towards an increase of costs that promotes potential concerns in expanding the budget set for product production than initially started:

    Product ...

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