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Resource Based Project Management

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Describe three ways to manage resources in integrated project management. Comment on the importance of the project management system in the process of assigning resources to a particular project or task, and how the attributes of a project team are important in these assignments. In at least 200 words, provide a comprehensive answer using your reading, knowledge and experience.

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Resource based project management is described. The three ways to manage resources in integrated project management are given.

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Describe three ways to manage resources in integrated project management.

Three ways to manage project resources are:

• Identify the key resources within your organization. "The key resources are those people who have more advanced skills, knowledge or combination of skills and knowledge that makes them indispensable" (Vandersluis, 2013, para 2). This step is very important because it allows the project manager to ensure they have valuable resources that have already proven their efficacy on the project. The project team members will also be aware of their importance in all tasks and activities due to their continued involvement in company projects. In an integrated project, there may be several key resources identified and that can be both an asset and a challenge. It would be up to the project manager to determine the best use of the resources as well as the number needed.

• Use a project management tool such as Microsoft Project to identify and ...

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