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4 Key Stages of Project Monitoring

GU's Project has successfully completed multiple phases. The next phase of the project is to implement the mobile application so that students can receive updates on their courses from their mobile devices (phone, iPad, etc). Please address the 4 key stages of project monitoring and how that will be useful for the ongoing project.

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GU Mobile applications project- Monitoring

The project of developing mobile applications would go through multiple processes and its progress is monitored on an ongoing basis. The monitoring usually is done during execution phase of the project. It is so because during execution phase, critical tasks of the project are in the progress. At this time it is important to keep track of what is accomplished. Through monitoring it becomes easier for the project manager to stay focused on the goals of the project and address any problems that come in the way.

The monitoring of a project is dependent on four-cycle stages ("Project monitoring, 2012):
• Stage one - inbound communication
• Stage two - metrics and trend analysis
• Stage three - responding to issues
• Stage four - outbound ...

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The solution discusses the four key stages of project monitoring.