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Project Management Life Cycle Critique

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In approximately 800 words, you are now to aggressively defend the logic underlying at least 2 of the other project managers' strategic plans (pick 2 of your fellow classmates). In doing so, be sure to inform your CEO of the following:

- The general strengths attributable to the project management life cycle theory
- Why the other project managers that you have chosen have done a commendable job from the perspective of the starting, planning, executing, and evaluating a project
- Above all, what you have learned from the other project managers that you have either critiqued and/or praised

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The use of the project management cycle theory as a framework in project management is important to ensure a well thought out and successful project solution as noted by an online source (http://www.brighthubpm.com/monitoring-projects/1907-successfully-guide-your-projects-to-completion-with-the-pm-life-cycle/). The same source further emphasized that the methodology could successfully guide the project from the initial stages to completion.

The starting stage is also called the initiation stage in several sources. The advantages of having this stage in project management are as follows:
1. The problems or the needs to be addressed by the project are clarified to all.
2. The desired results and the means to attain them are determined.
3. The project team that includes the project manager and its members are determined.
4. Other logistics are identified.
The effectiveness and clarity of this stage will set a tone to the project and would ensure that the project is in the right direction.


At this stage of the project management, a detailed breakdown and assignment of each task of the project, from beginning to end is made ...

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Project management life cycle critiques are examined. Project managers perspectives on jobs are determined.

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Project Management Life Cycle Critique: IP

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After presenting the CEO with your strategy based on a successful joint meeting held with the executive director of research and development and the executive director of sales, the CEO has informed you that that in fact she wants you to develop this plan according to the phases of the project management life cycle: starting, planning, executing, and providing closure for a project.

Identify the limitations of the project management life cycle theory in relation to your and 2 other project managers' plans.
Discuss the following with 2 other project managers:
Tell why the project management life cycle theory may be limited or oversimplified.
How would you improve the other project managers' plans if you were the project manager of their respective proposed projects? Be supportive yet constructive.
Provide constructive feedback to other project managers who you have either critiqued or praised?

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