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Project Management

Recruiting Manager: Finding a Candidate to Hire

You are the recruiting manager for a new organization that is working on recruiting a manager for the services division. The vice president of the services division stresses to you, "This is a new department that requires a good manager who has the following skills: conceptual, communication effectiveness, and interpersonal. I n

The Evolution of Project Management at Quixtar

Read the Case Study titled "The Evolution of Project Management at Quixtar" in the Kerzner text. In this firm the account executives are being trained in project management so that they can be more effective in dealing with independent business owners. Describes the role of communications at Quixtar as the firm carries out it

Empire Plastics Organizational Structures

Need these questions answered in detail: 1. Discuss the organizational structure at Empire Plastics. 2. What design changes are needed? 3. Why does conflict exist at Empire? 4. How does the organizational culture affect this situation? 5. What changes in culture are needed at Empire Plastics? 6. What political tacti

8 Dimensions of Quality

Project Description: the firm will develop a sophisticated online web portal infrastructure which will support quality improvement programs in five plants in different locations of the company. The manufacturing operations will have to report progress, submit data, share ideas, measure and monitor quality improvement initiatives

Project Completion Time

What formulas are used for completing the project and great explanations as to why. Please see attachment.

Project Management and Organizational Structure

Comment on the following quote: "A project manager is completely ingrained in the culture of an organization a project is generally run from multiple levels of an organization as well as many different department involvements. The high level of interaction between the client's customers as well as the internal culture makes it

Appraisal Cost for quality

The following table lists all costs of quality incurred by Sam's Surf Shop last year. What was Sam's appraisal cost for quality last year? Annual inspection costs $ 155,000 Annual cost of scrap materials $ 286,000 Annual rework cost $ 34,679 Annual cost of quality training $ 456,000 Annual warranty cost $1,546,000 Annual

Project Management

Using the following project information, calculate the variance for each of the project activities. Activity Optimistic Time Most Likely Time Pessimistic Time Immediate Predecessor(s) A 3 6 9 none B 3

Project Cost Analysis: Sample Calculation

The progress report of a project contains the following data about the project costs: BCWS = $ 46,500 BCWP = $ 49,200 ACWP = $ 54,250 BAC = $ 183,600 a.) Calculate CV b.) Calculate CVP c.) Calculate CPI d.) Calculate SV e.) Calculate SVP f.) Calculate SPI g.) Calculate EAC h.) Calculate VAC i.) C

Quick Inc. has budgeted production for next year as follows: Two pounds of material A are required for each unit produced. The company has a policy of maintaining a stock of material A on hand at the end of each quarter equal to 25% of the next quarter's production needs for material A. A total of 30,000 pounds of material A are on hand to start the year. Budgeted purchases of material A for the second quarter would be:

Please see the attachment Quick Inc. has budgeted production for next year as follows: Two pounds of material A are required for each unit produced. The company has a policy of maintaining a stock of material A on hand at the end of each quarter equal to 25% of the next quarter's production needs for material A. A tot

Success Factors that Affect Project Management

The Chaos report lists a variety of success factors that affect project management. This includes user involvement, executive management support, proper planning, clear statement of requirements, realistic expectations, ownership, hard-working and focused staff. Pick one of these, or research an alternative, and assess how this

Estimating the Likely Completion Time

Briefly describe a project in which you are currently involved (e.g., planning a vacation, building an addition to your house, or completing your degree). Estimate the likely completion time using the tools discussed in Chapter 16 (showing your work) and determine the best way to reduce the length of the project.

Project Portfolio Management for Organization

1.You are the Project Manager for a project included in the organization's portfolio. List five (5) reasons we do Project Portfolio Management. Select 2 of the 5 and describe why it is important. What is your primary responsibility as program manager to ensure your project stays in the portfolio? 2.Critical Chain Management

Situation management from a leadership position

How would I manage this situation if I was the leader? What would I consider? What steps would I take? What would be the expected outcome? If the approach does not work, what would be a back up plan. What Would You Do? You are the leader of a 6 person team. The team all works out of an office in NJ. The team is made up

Scope Creep and Personal Experience

Scope Creep is a common phenomenon. You set out to do a (small) project, but slowly it grows into something big, or too big. Have you had any personal or professional experience of Scope Creep? Share it in a para or two..

Motivated to become a manager- Role and personality traits for a manager.

1. Who (or what) motivated you to become a manager? 2. What are the most important personality traits/characteristics for a manager to have in your organization/company/industry? 3. Describe your typical workday. How far in advance do you plan for day-to-day work responsibilities? What is your strategy for dealing with em

Activity-on-node project network

Draw the activity-on-node (AON) project network associated with the following activities for Dave Carhart's consulting company project. How long should it take Dave and his team to complete this project? What are the critical path activities? Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Time (days) A

In all projects the PM faces a number of challenges and/or conflicts. Identify 5 challenges the Rockfest Project Manager may face. How would you recommend that the Project Manager deal with these challenges

At the Hard Rock Cafe, like many organizations, project management is a key planning tool. With Hard Rock's constant growth in hotels and cafes, remodeling of existing cafes, scheduling for Hard Rock Live concert and event venues, and planning the annual Rockfest, managers rely on project management techniques and software to ma

Time-cost trade-off, Internal post-project evaluation process

See attached file. Read Appendix 1, "Time-Cost Trade-Off", at the end of chapter 7 in your textbook Successful Project Management and answer the on questions page 272. 1. What is the time-cost trade-off methodology, and when is it used? 2. Why do you need both normal and crash times and costs for this procedure? 3. A

Processes involved in determining and managing project budgets

Assignment: Aggregating all the estimated costs for the specific activities that make-up a project to determine its total budgeted cost (TBC) and then monitoring a project's progress to ensure that the work involved is kept within budget are two activities that are critical for success. Question: Discuss the processes

Project manager manage changes to the Project Scope Document

Scenario At the beginning of a project it is not always possible to define in great detail all of the requirements, work elements, and deliverables that will be involved - especially when a project is scheduled to last for a long time or involves several phases. In such cases details can be progressively elaborated as the pr