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Project Management

Project management - implementing the process of control schedule and control cost

You are managing an e-mail consolidation and upgrade for your organization, and you're focusing on the implementing the process of control schedule and control cost. You must state your case and supporting evidence for the need of implementing the process of control schedule and control cost to your stakeholders. Prepare a prese

Project Management Described

1. What is a WBS? Describe it's purpose. Discuss the benefits of using it. 2. What is a Gantt chart? What is the Critical Path and how is it used? 3. Create a simple task schedule network (MS Project is not required but preferred). (Minimum of 15 tasks.) The content is up to you. Minimum requirements are as fol

Management: project budget shows $35000 spent of $40000; what does it mean?

A project budget report is showing our project as spending 35,000 against a budgeted amount of 40,000. What does this report tell you about the project? 1. we can't be sure how the project is going 2. we should check to see if all bills have been paid 3. we are doing a good job managing the project 4. we are spending less

Reporting aspect of a project/program or operation

As we progress in our study of project management tools we will inevitably take a look at the reporting function. How many of you are involved in the reporting aspect of a project/program or operation? Do you agree with the methods used for evaluation? Is it always useful information being disseminated? Does healthcare organ

Aggregate production planning (level vs. chase)

Work thru this to compare chase versus level aggregate plans: As a manager of a washing machine manufacturing company, you are required to determine the level of output per month from your plant for the next quarter. At the end of September (last quarter) you had 100 finished washing machines in stock. Your company works with 2

Nine traits and skills for a project manager, least important skill

Review the nine traits/skills associated with being an effective project manager. Discuss in your opinion which one is the least important. Nine traits are noted below. 1. Systems thinker. 2. Personal integrity. 3. Proactive. 4. High tolerance of stress. 5. General business perspective. 6. Good communicator. 7. Effec

Best production plan for company selling antifreeze solution

Assignment 3: Aggregate Planning Case A firm produces antifreeze solution in gallons. This product has a very seasonal demand pattern during the year, with higher demand during the winter. Given the following costs and quarterly sales forecasts, the firm needs to develop production plans in order to meet their needs. Click he

Formula for expected production and costs

Country Heather manufactures flowerpots. It expects to sell 40,000 flowerpots next year. The company has enough beginning inventory of direct materials to produce 48,000 units. Beginning inventory of finished units total 4000 with a target ending inventory of 5,000. The company keeps no work in process inventory. The flowerpots

Project Management Conflict and Negotiations

Our ongoing discussion of Project Management is not complete without a brief discussion of two of the most common circumstances found in this environment....Conflict and Negotiations. Please talk about this and how it relates to project management

Hiring a project manager

If you were in charge of hiring a Project Manager for one of the world's most challenging projects, what well known person would you choose to lead it and why? (You can choose anyone (actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, business people, world leaders, etc). I encourage you to be creative. Think in terms of Personal

Organizational Development Project: organization background, OD problems

Assume your hypothetical organization is facing dramatic challenges for which top management is asking for your expertise. As an Organizational Development professional, you are required to make an intervention that will help the company return to profitability, increase its market share, and enhance employee morale. The

Production Under Constraint

RMR Corporation consists of the Semiconductor Division and the Process-Control Division, each of which operates as a profit center. The Semiconductor Division produces two electronic components, the new high-performance Super Chip and an older product called Okay Chip. These two products have the following cost characteristics

Bjorn Ericksen Project Strategy Analysis

Plan to Reduce Project Duration The initial cost of the current schedule will cost approximately $3.152 million and will take approximately 50 weeks to finish. The current project estimates are under budget, but the time frame is not acceptable. Bjorn needs to decide which activities need to be crashed, and understand t

Analyze the case against Martin L Grass of Rite Aid Project Paper

Martin L. Grass of Rite Aid accounting scandal ***Trial Details*** 1) Research the Martin L. Grass of Rite Aid trial and answer the following questions: a. In what type of court was your subject tried? b. Provide key details about the trial. c. Did your subject enter into a plea bargaining agreement? If so, to what charge

Operation Management

1. A fast-food trainee takes an hour to prepare his first 20 sandwiches, 45 minutes for the second 20, and 38 minutes for the third 20. What will his production rate be after 24 hours of experience? 2. A new bank clerk needed an hour to encode his first 500 checks, 51 minutes for the second 500, and 46 minutes for the third

Depreciation Methods for a New Capital Project

A. Phyllis believes that the firm should use straight-line depreciation for a capital project because it results in higher net income during the early years of the project's life. Joanna believes that the firm should use the modified accelerated cost recovery system depreciation because it reduces the tax liability during the ea

Project Proposal: Meeting the Needs of the Customer

Write a project proposal: How to lead and meet the needs of the customer rather than the bureaucracy. Start with a brief description of the topic, then write about leadership concepts and dimensions. Talk about customer needs which lead to customer satisfaction, and then discuss the relationship between the organization's str

Outline for presentaion for Project Management career

Research and create an outline for a presentation in Microsoft Word on a topic related to your intended career. Adapt your presentation to a generally educated audience without any specific knowledge of your field. In this instance, the intended audience is your PSP111 classmates. Pick a career-related topic. Research infor

Project Management

'A project has a specific time frame, or finite life span. It has a start time and a date by which the objective must be accomplished. For example, the MBA 640 coursework has to be completed between July 06 and September 13.' 1) What are some implications of completing a project before the scheduled completion date? 2) Wh

Project Management - Forecasting ManagerImprov, Inc.

See the attached file. Forecasting ManagerImprov, Inc. ManagerImprov Inc. (MI Inc.) is a small company that conducts seminars on productivity issues for corporate executives. MI Inc. focuses on improving the quality of work and the attitude of workers in service organizations. The company tries to provide seminar participant

HI-TECH RESEARCH LABORATORY Case Study: List 3 problems on the project

See attached file for Case Study Read the following case and provide a minimum of three reasons why problems occurred on this project, and what should have been done to prevent these occurrences. Problem and Associated Reason #1. _______________________________________________ Action(s) to prevent Problem #1._____________

Develop a scope statement of FBI Virtual Case File project

Task: Scope Statement of FBI Virtual Case File Project A scope statement is a document used to develop and confirm a common understanding of the project scope. It clearly defines the project characteristics and requirements and also lists the project and project management deliverables Here are a few papers to help with t

Project Managemet: Work Break Down Structure

Your next step in the project management process is to create a work breakdown structure for the trade show. The WBS should include all the tasks and their dependencies, schedule, cost, activity assignments and resource needs. The result should be a project task list with activity, scheduling description, cost and resource alloc

Project Problem: Cost of Home Improvement for Resale

Mrs. Tolstoy and her husband, Serge, are planning their dream house. The lot for the house sits high on a hill with a beautiful view of the Appalachian Mountains. The plans for the house show the size of the house to be 2,900 square feet. The average price for a lot and house similar to this one has been $120 per square foot. Fo

Risk - averse

Mountain Ski Corp. was set up to take large risks and is willing to take the greatest risk possible. Lakeway Train Co. is more typical of the average corporation and is risk - averse. a. which of the following four projects should Mountain Ski Corp. choose? Compute the coefficients of variation to help you make your decisi

dissatisfaction amongst employees

1. What is the specific purpose or objective of your management research project? The purpose of this project is to address an organization issue that is currently being faced by the HR department of XXX Company. There is a huge dissatisfaction amongst employees related to their training and development. HR plans to ident

Project management

Normal times are as given in the table shown below. Activity normal time crash time normal cost crash cost A 3 1 9000 17000 B 6 3 20000 40000 C 2 1 5000 10000 D 5 3 18000 24000 E 4 3 15000 18500 F 3

What are the benefits of project management?

What are the benefits of project management? Provide an example of how you have relied on project management. Based on your readings, how can you improve your project management skills?