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Project Management

Project management charts

The project management chart that graphically models the sequence of project tasks and their interrelationships using a flowchart diagrams is called a: a. Gantt Chart. b. PERT chart. c. flow diagram. d. SOW chart.

Project Management: Notebook Computer Development

Please see the attachment. QUESTIONS: 1. To what extent were the problems facing notebook computer development avoidable? What could have been done to avoid these problems. 2. Would it make sense to apply a project selection model such as weighted scoring model to this problem to determine if it should be terminated?

Project Management : Gantt Chart and Project Critical Path

Using the following table of tasks, a. Build using MSP an mpp file including a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart showing the project critical path. b. What does the critical path become if Task C takes three time units? Task Predecessor(s) Time units required A None 1 B A

Project Task Analysis: Overall Scope and Statement of Work (SOW)

Part 2: Project Task Analysis a. Overall Scope and Statement of Work (SOW) The SOW defines the work that needs to be accomplished in order to satisfy the objectives. It consists of a list of tasks and their definitions, as well as what needs to be accomplished, although it does not cite how the tasks will be accomplish

Manager-Managed LLC: Lynda is not a manager; can she participate & be compensated?

Lynda is a member of a manager-managed LLC but is not a manager. However, Lynda has considerable expertise in the business of the LLC. Lynda assisted the managers for the first couple of years of the LLC's existence without any difficulties. During the third year, Lynda began to challenge some of the decisions made by the manage

Calculate minimum costs, times, and cost schedules for a project.

17. Consider the following table of crash times and costs for the above project. Activity normal time crash time normal cost crash cost A 3 1 9000 17000 B 6 3 20000 40000 C 2 1 5000 10000 D 5 3 18000 24000 E 4 3 15000 18500 F 3 1 30000 39000 G 9 4 80000 98000 H 3 2 10000 20000 In the above table normal and cra

Project Planning, Risk and Time Management

Project Planning, Risk and Time Management All projects consume resources, including time and money, in order to deliver a product of a particular scope and quality. There is thus always a tension between the extent of resource input and the extend of product output. Additionally, there is also tension between project managem

Risks in a Project

1. What types of risks are inherent in a project? Where do they originate? Can they be mitigated? How? What are the consequences of ignoring a conflict within a project team? 2. What is the importance of a variance to a project budget, schedule, or specification? How does a PM find the root cause of a variance? Is

Skills of a successful Project Manager

Your company, LRH Products, is about to attend a major trade show event in Kansas City, MO. You are a member of the marketing team that was selected to manage the project. The project includes all the activities necessary to update the trade show display, re-stock the collaterals (brochures, signs, presentations), order new give

What are triple constraints?

1. What are the triple constraints? What key elements are interrelated? What happens if one of the elements changes? How does it affect the other two? Explain. 2. How is conflict management critical to Project Management? What can happen during a period of conflict within a team? How does this differ from a conflict with a cu


Time: Identify the completion date of the project. Budget: List out the expenses and any other resource constraints for the project. Project Performance: List the desired outputs from the project. Specify the performance criteria for the project.

General Project Management vs. Rapid Application Development

Scenario: Your organization has just completed the Initiation Process for implementing an Email System Upgrade. It was identified in a recent meeting with management leaders from the Sales, Consulting and IT departments, that the current email system is causing significant business interruptions and must be updated. You have

Project team structures

1. What are the three project team structures? What are some of the elements that differentiate the team structures from one another? How is the project team structure related to the project manager's authority level? 2. What do each of the letters in the SMART acronym stand for? In your own words, describe what ea

The Solution to Project Management

A. What is the definition of a project? What are some of the elements that differentiate a project from maintenance work? How does a focus of a project affect the business direction and orientation? B. What is a project life cycle? How do project life cycles differ among organizations? To what degree does the structure of th

Project Management: Questions

Question 26 Throughout a project, the Cost Performance Index has decreased from 1.3 to 0.8. The cost performance on this project has: a. Improved. b. Deteriorated. c. Stayed about the same. d. There is insufficient information to answer the question. Question 27 Which of the following statements best describes the rel

Project Management

1. You just have been instructed to develop a schedule for introducing a new product into the marketplace. Below are the elements that must appear in your schedule. Arrange these elements into work breakdown structure (down through level 3), and then draw the arrow diagram. You may feel free to add additional topics as necess

The Purpose of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

1. Paul Mali (Management by Objective, New York: John Wiley, 1972, p. 12) DEFINES mbo AS A FIVE-STEP PROCESS: ? Finding the objective ? Setting the objective ? Validating the objective ? Implementing the objective ? Controlling and reporting status of the objective. How can the work breakdown structure be used to accompl

Manager Effectiveness

Manager Effectiveness Introduction: Extensive research and evaluation was conducted over the years to identify particular rationales or theories of leadership. The goals of the research tend to revolve around identification of the most effective traits and skills a manager should possess to be an effective leader. Tasks

Assume you work for a medium sized manufacturing company that's has $10 million for capital projects for this year, and you work in one of the following departments (Choose only one).

Assume you work for a medium sized manufacturing company that's has $10 million for capital projects for this year, and you work in one of the following departments (Choose only one). You're asked to provide a proposal for why the company should allocate the $10 million to your department. Here's the scenario: 1. Sales depart

Project Management: calculate critical path and time to completion of project

Calculate critical path and time to completion of project based upon data supplied in excel sheet. ACTIVITY SCHEDULED TIME PRECEDENCE ACTIVITY 1 Proposal and review 1 mo -- 2 Establish master schedule 2 wk 1 3 Architect selection process 1.25 mo 1 4 Survey campus and needs 1 mo 1 5 Conceptual architect plans 1