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Delegating tasks to Project Manager

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Management Delegation Assignment

You are a Director and your office needs to move to a new location within a reasonable timeframe. Write an email to the Project manager to delegate the following tasks:

Find a suitable location
Negotiate a lease
Set up information systems and computers
Arrange office configuration
Assess equipment needs
Hire Movers
Set Timelines for completion of various tasks
Identify what team members you will need to assist you.

Your email to the project manager will be critiqued by how well you give instruction. Below you will find a list of the things you may wish to consider when delegating these tasks.

Importance of project
Results that are expected
Control Mechanisms
Credit for successful completion of the project

There are no word number requirements for this assignment. However, you may want to keep in mind that you need to take time to explain to your Project Manager what you need so use as many words as you need to completely convey your thoughts. You will not be able to talk to your Project Manager to explain any further details. They must be able to complete the assignment based on what say in your email.

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This solution discusses how leaders should delegate task to Project Managers by providing adequate information in written form.

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To Project Manager, Tom:

In order to ensure a smooth relocation of our company operations from our current office space at ABC Plaza, you are being given authority to coordinate all move related activities including the following:

1.) Find a suitable location: You will be required to find a suitable location that meets our needs. I would expect a location that is sizeable enough to accommodate at least 50 employees. This location should have at least 2 offices, and 2 conference rooms. In addition, I would prefer a location that is easily accessible ...

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