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    Quantitative analysis: PERT/CPM

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    The following information is known about a project...
    Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Activity Time (days)
    A - 7
    B A 2
    C A 4
    D B, C 4
    E D 4
    F E 3
    G E 5

    a. Draw the network diagram for this project.

    b. Determine the critical path and project duration.

    c. Calculate the slack for each activity.

    d. Estimate the probability that the noncritical path B-F-G will take more than 20 weeks. Hint: Subtract from 1.0 that probability that B-F-G will take more than 20 weeks or less.

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    The problem deals with determining the critical path, of a project and also drawing the network diagram.