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Project Management

New Project Success

In your educated opinion: 1. Recommend leadership behaviors required to keep momentum alive during the implementation of a new project 2. Evaluate the elements an organizations culture and explain how they may influence successful implementation. 3. Develop a strategy to deal effectively with organizational culture issues t

Project Management - Practice Questions

1. Outsourcing project work can be used to: a. reduce project slippage. b. improve the utilization of critical resources. c. avoid resource bottlenecks. d.all of the above. 2. The _____ matrix form of organization allows for flexibility in the use of resources and expertise within the firm. a. functional b. balanced c

Project management practice questions

1. Project Management differs from traditional functional managers largely because: a. projects are unique, one-time events b. project have a clear definable end c. projects have more relaxed specifications than typical operations. d. both a and b e. all of the above 2. The work breakdown structure (WBS/OBS) is developed

Total incremental after tax flor

A local toy store is considering opening a new coffee shop. The coffee shop will occupy space next door in the same building. That space is currently being rented out to a tenant for $30,000 per year. The project will require an upfront investment of $200,000 today in order to pay for remodeling the space and the new equipmen

Chase/Level and Mixed Strategy

Forecast for the next 12 months for x-ray machines are shown in the table below. Month Demand ________________________________________ January 1550 February 1400 March 1200 April 1600 May 2000 June 2400 July 2500 August 2500 September 2000 October 1900 November 1750 December 1600 _______________________________

Globalization and Quality Opportunity and Threats

You mentioned globalization as both a threat and an opportunity. As one of the world's largest consumers, quality to the American customer is a big deal. We're not going to spend money for something when we know it isn't worth it. But what about developing nations and their consumers? Is the important thing here to provide the b

Sample of project progress report

Just need a sample of progress report. Please make up some hypothetical data and your own decision. See attached file for full problem description.

HR and Risk Mitigation Plan

Based on the attached opportunity analysis paper: - Identify the human resources required by the project, including management and end-users. Define titles and the skill-sets required for each title. Describe whether these resources are available or might have to be hired. Estimate the cost of each resource. Human resources c


Crawford Manufacturing is preparing their monthly production plan for one of their major product lines for the next year and requested assistance in determining possible plans of action. Crawford has provided us with the following information. There are a maximum of 7500 regular time hours available per month. Overtime pro

Project Breakup & Methodologies

1 - Describe the feasibility of breaking this project into separate projects and how you would go about prioritizing the separate projects and/or tasks within the project. Then, define each project as either: breakthrough, platform, derivative, R&D or partnered projects and explain why you defined it in this way. This has to be

Project Management Styles

Please explain what are the fundamental differences between fixed-price and cost-plus contracts? Plus, how does affect what kinds of projects you would recommend for a fixed-price contract or cost-plus contract? Can teams be used for both fixed-price and cost-plus contracts? Is there a difference in how teams work based on t

Project Management: Network diagram, Critical Path, CPM, PERT

3.28 The following represent activities in Marc Massoud's Construction Company project. a) Draw the network to represent this situation. b) Which activities are on the critical path? c) What is the length of the critical path? Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Time (weeks) Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Time (weeks) A

Project Management Questions: 3 Year Projects

Consider the following three-year projects A and B each with the same initial investment of $1000. You are presented with the following measures for the projects: Project A: NPV $400; Payback 24 months Project B: NPV $545; Payback 26 months Which project would you choose and why?

Project Challenges in Marketplace

Please review the attached document and describe: - Describe in detail on the two challenges as stated in the attached paper, in terms of the Microsoft's marketplace? Be sure to consider consumer (end user) needs, desires, and trends. - How the realization of these two challenges align to Microsoft's strategy and goals an

Project Proposal

I have never created a Project Proposal so I don't know in what format or how it should look like. That is why; I need your help creating a Project Proposal for an idea or concept that is explained in the attached document. The concept relates to an innovative computer system that needs to be developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Project management: Linear programming using Excel solver

You need to organize your home office, especially your paperwork. You have three general kinds of paperwork: tax files, bill files, investment files. You estimate that you have 10 tax files, 30 bill files, and 15 investment files. Each month you access each tax file three times; each bill file, two times; and each investment fil

Taking/Rejecting a Project Based on NPV

1) a) Tropical Sweets is considering a project that will cost $70 million and will generate expected cash flows of $30 million per year for the next three years. The cost of capital for this type of project is 10 percent and the risk free rate is 6 percent. After discussions with the marketing department, you learn that there

Project management

Using the project you created in Unit 1 Individual Assignment, put together a proposal for the customer that includes the following: Briefly describe the first five points of the Project Scope Checklist in relation to your project: What are the project objectives? List the deliverables. Identify the milestones of the

Project Management - Schedule

Although this product is being targeted at the home consumer, the sales department thinks there is great potential in the commercial market, and it should be pursued. You brought this issue to the project sponsor who, in turn, brought it to executive management. They decided that this opportunity should be investigated as part o

Cornell Glass

The problem involves setting a production schedule for an auto glass producer. I have attached the problem for your review.

Project Management/Scheduling/Crashing

Consider the tasks, durations, and predecessor relationships in the following network. Draw the AON network and answer the questions that follow. Activity Description Immediate Predecessor(s) Optimistic (Weeks) Most Likely (Weeks) Pessimistic (Weeks) A --- 4 7 10 B A 2 8 20 C A 8 12 16 D B 1 2 3 E D, C 6 8 22 F C 2

Easy Cost Accounting

Emerson Company makes surfboards. Each surfboard requires 9 pounds of fiberglass to produce. The sales forecast for March is 1,700 surfboards. Estimated beginning and desired ending inventories for March are the following: Estimated Beginning Inventory Desired Ending Invent

Project Management: Stakeholders

Assume you are hired to manage the following software development projects. Make a list (each should have at least two but no more than five) of the stakeholders for each and their relative level of control of the project: website College telephone directory A graduate research project

Project Management

Give an example of a project that is driven by each of the following needs. (Each need should have a different project described.) Marketing Demand Business Need Customer Request Technological Advance Legal Requirement Social Need

Financial Structure.

Allied uses debt in its capital structure, so some of the money used to finance the project will be debt. Given this fact, should the projected cash flows be revised to show projected interest charges? Explain. Suppose you learned that Allied had spent $50,000 to renovate the building last year, expensing these costs. Should

Critical Path, duration, and slack of the decision tree project.

In the attached problem I need to draw a decision tree and fill in the table. I also need to find the critical path and duration and slack. See attached file for full problem description. Activity Predecessor Duration Earliest Start Earliest Finish Late Start Late Finish Slack A n/a 7 B n/a 5 C A 3 D B 5

A Firms Investment Opportunities

A firm has the following investment opportunities: Investment NPV IRR Project A Investment $150,000 NPV $30,000 IRR 14% Project B Investment $120,000 NPV $20,000 IRR 13% Project C Investment $100,000 NPV $25,000 IRR 12% Project D Investment $ 10,000 NPV $ 6,000 IRR 11% If

A measurable plan to monitor the human change elements of the project

A measurable plan to monitor the human change elements of the project 1. The project is implementation of RFID tags at Target Companies 2. Please provide: Identify and explain a concise clear and measurable plan to monitor the human change elements of the Target project. 3. I am using Kotter's Eight-Step Model of chang