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Outline for presentaion for Project Management career

Research and create an outline for a presentation in Microsoft Word on a topic related to your intended career. Adapt your presentation to a generally educated audience without any specific knowledge of your field. In this instance, the intended audience is your PSP111 classmates.

Pick a career-related topic.
Research information on this topic.
Determine the purpose of your presentation.
You will need enough material for 10 slides and a 10-15 minute presentation.
Organize your presentation ideas in a logical sequence for your purpose.
Create an outline including an introduction, a substantial body with supporting material, and a conclusion


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I will provide the outline as per your instructions.


I. Attention-getting statement - Project managers - the ambassador of the firm to the client. They are the glue the holds the project together. They are the "know-it-alls", the experts of the project. If the project fails, they are the first to get blamed, if the project is a success, they will be praised.

II. Thesis statement - To understand the importance of the position of PM within a company

III. Preview statement - This presentation will describe in detail the various aspects of Project Management.


I. First main point: Introduction

A. Subpoint: What is project management?
1. Sub-subpoint: - PM is the coordination of all elements that are needed to be completed in a project's life span
2. Sub-subpoint: Goals of PMs are to manage a project scope, time and budget
3. Sub-subpoint: Includes planning out the details of the project before it is initiated; organizing all of the steps of the project; implementing the project; coordinating with all departments and members who are involved with the project; manage resources and budgets associated with the project; work to reduce errors and produce a hight quality product
3. Sub-subpoint: Te PM is responsible for addressing any problems that occur during the project, and taking actions to resolve any issues

B. Subpoint: What fields do we find project managers?
1. Sub-subpoint: PMs are everywhere - from construction sites, offices, engineering projects, hospitals, manufacturing plants...
2. Sub-subpoint: Essentially any working environment that needs a dedicated person to monitor a project needs a PM. With globalization, a lot of work is being outsourced to India or China. Companies still need a PM in-house to monitor the projects that the international employees are working on
3. Sub-subpoint: A project can be something large across ...

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