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Project Management

A Project's Net Present Value Based on Require Rate of Return

A project is expected to create operating cash flows of $22,500 a year for three years. The initial cost of the fixed assets is $50,000. These assets will be worthless at the end of the project. An additional $3,000 of net working capital will be required throughout the life of the project. What is the project's net present valu

The Can-Do Co. is analyzing a proposed project.

The Can-Do Co. is analyzing a proposed project. The company expects to sell 12,000 units, give or take 4 percent. The expected variable cost per unit is $7 and the expected fixed cost is $36,000. The fixed and variable cost estimates are considered accurate within a plus or minus 6 percent range. The depreciation expense is $30,

Amount of Total Fixed Cost Based on Production Levels

At a production level of 5,600 units a project has total costs of $89,000. The variable cost per unit is $11.20. What is the amount of the total fixed costs if the production level is increased to 6,100 units without increasing the total fixed assets?

Project Charter and Project Scope Satement

Need to understand the best way to create a project charter and a project scope statement based on the information below (taken from the Project Management text by Gray and Larson, 4th edition. It is based on the Conveyor Belt Project case study. Project Description: New computer-controlled Conveyor Belt Project The Con

Critical path of a crash

See Table that is attached to answer the following questions: 11. Which activities on the original critical path have minimum crash costs per week for this project? A. A,B,H B. A,C,E C. A,B,C D. C,D,E 12. When you crash this project, you will have two critical paths. What is the additional critical path? A. A-C-F-

What are the different types or varieties of terminating a project?

No. 1 What are the different types or varieties of terminating a project? Explain when each type of project termination should be considered. No. 2 What factors are considered most important in the decision to terminate a project? No. 3 How can termination for reasons other than achievement of project goals be avoided?

McDonald's Project Management, PERT, and CRM

Consider the organization, McDonald's. - How does project management influence other departments and functions of this organization (i.e., marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc.)? - What are the difficulties or limitations for implementing PERT and CRM in the organization?

Quality Improvement Implementation - Kudler Foods

A. Outline the steps of your quality management process improvement and implementation plan. b. Define the variation you have identified in your selected process and explain how identifying and controlling variation is integral to TQM. c. Examine the quality tools for identifying and monitoring process variability and provi

World History Since 1500

Scenario: If, as we've been told, the longest journey begins with the first step, then the first step of our journey through time will place us at the threshold of an era known as the Renaissance and the year 1500, the date chosen by numerous scholars as the dividing line between modern and pre-modern times. It was a time w

Discuss the nature of the selected project.

I can do #1 and 2 completed I only need help with #3 PART 1 (it will say DO THIS ONE by it, please! 1. Project Overview a. Develop a Project Introduction based on the following criteria. 1) You have decided to build a garage with living quarters. An architectural plan must be developed and approved by the city planning co

Methods for terminating project

Excel Electronics Excel Electronics is nearing completion of a three-year project to develop and produce a new pocket Phone-Fax-Internet device (PFI). The PFI is no larger than a cigarette pack but has all the power and features of full sized devices. The assembly line and all the production facilities will be completed in si

General Ship Building Company

General Ship Building Company General Ship Building has a contract with the Department of the Navy to build three new aircraft carriers over the next five years. During the construction of the first ship, the project manager formed auditing team to audit the construction process for the three ships. After picking the audit te

Project Management on Housing Construction

. Shannon Murray (President of the prestigious consulting firm of Murray, Knight & Whiting Consulting of Lakeland Florida) decided to have her own house built. To complete this project she had analyzed the following activities and had time values estimated for these activities. The first activity consisted of obtaining a loan,

Production Cost - A production costs summary for Comapny A is as follows

A production costs summary for Comapny A is as follows: Unit-level direct material $ 5.00/unit Unit-level direct labor 2.00/unit Unit-level overhead 6.00/unit Product-level overhead 4.00/unit Total cost per unit $17.00 Fixed facility-level selling costs are $600,000 per year and unit-level selling costs are $2

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Dam Project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has contracted with a medium-size excavation firm to construct a small series of three earthen dams as part of a flood control program in North Carolina. For economic reasons, dams #1 and #2 have to constructed at the same time and dam #3 can only be built afte

RAM & RACI Chart

See attached Word Document. I have provided example of charts. I will use this problems for additional exercises as well as guide for correctness. Thank you

Project management planning and project life cycle.

Begin working on the project management plan by creating the outline of the document. Identify each of the sections and write a paragraph describing the contents of each section. Describe the level of formality for review and approvals of the project plan. I have searched but I have been unsuccessful in finding a definitive

Perform a limited scope risk assessment of A T & T, the telecommunications giant.

OK, I am not asking for anyone to do my assignment, am merely asking for directions on how to tackle the assignment. Maybe am not looking at the right information regarding the assignment, any and all help will be appreciated. Perform a limited scope risk assessment of A T & T, the telecommunications giant. Gather relevant in

Selecting a capital project for Wal-Mart and identifying potential problems

I have decided to pick for my company, Wal-Mart, a capital project of carrying a new line of junior clothing called "It's Hot" and I want Paris Hilton to endorse this line. Wal-mart is faltering in this arena and I thought a big name might help their clothing line. What could be some of the risks and costs involved with this typ

Alternative Solutions to Project Management Problems

Can anyone please help me with some ideas on the following? ? Evaluate the need for leadership in project management. ? Assess the challenges of developing high-performance project teams. ? Compare and contrast face-to-face and virtual project teams. Thank you.

E-Mail Upgrade Project Management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with Example

Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and project schedule in a Gantt format for an E-Mail Upgrade Project. The WBS and resultant schedule should contain the following high-level activities: 1.0 Evaluate User & System Requirements 2.0 Evaluate ODHS Network Suitability 3.0 Conduct E-mail System Selection 4.0 Upgrade Ohi

The Role of PERT, CPM and Gannt in Project Management

Discuss the role of PERT, CPM and Gantt based on the following action items: 1. Identify the purpose of each tool and circumstances for using each. Also consider whether these tools are individual methods that can be used independently or if they should ideally be used as a set. 2. Contrast and compare activity-on-node an