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Financial Systems

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Have been asked to write a report for a group of new stock brokers about the NYSE-Euronext and the NASDAQ.
Need to visit both the NYSE-Euronext (NYSE): http://www.nyse.com/home.html, and the NASDAQ: http://www.nasdaq.com , and write a 2-3 page paper on how the two exchanges operate.

Must make sure to address the following three questions:
1. How are NYSE and NASDAQ similar, if at all?
2. How are the two exchanges different from one another, if at all?
3. How has the Former WorldCom Inc. Chief Executive Bernard Ebber's case affected WorldCom Inc., and the Telecommunication industry? Explain. May visit each site's Press Room/Release for possible leads).

? Analyze the key components of financial systems.
? Explain financial intermediation and the role of financial institutions

Second Part

After submitting the report, one of the new brokers asks the three questions below and requests a written response:
1. What are the economic functions financial intermediaries perform? (1 to 2 Paragraphs)
2. What is the role of broker in the financial market? (1 to 2 Paragraphs)
3. How has that role changed since the inception of on-line investing?

Explain financial intermediation and the role of financial institutions
Please include references

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