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    Financial IS of Mail Packaging and Supplies Business

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    What are financial information systems and what they do?

    What kind of financial information systems will you use when you start your "mail packaging and supplies" business? Why would you choose this type of systems? Will it offer you the reports that you will require as your business grow? How will you use the information that you obtain from your financial information system in order to keep your business growing?

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    A financial information system is one that gathers and analyzes financial data in a manner that helps to make informed strategic decisions for a firm. These systems can be as simple as ones that collect transaction data to those that provide up to the minute news related to a firm or industry.

    When opening a mail packaging and supplies business, I would most likely use a pre-canned or more readily ...

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    The solution describes the information system of a new mail packaging and supplies business and considers various types of IS and reasons to choose one.