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    Mail Packaging Business: Integrating Technology Changes

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    One of the most important changes which have occurred in the past 100 years is the availability of large amounts of information.

    During next 10 years, what changes do you expect to see in technology?
    How will these changes affect your mail packaging and supplies business?
    How will you use this information in order to stay up to date with technological changes?

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    The advent of the technological advancements in the last 100 years has changed the world forever. From communication and information exchange, to the way businesses are conducted around the world, technology has and continues to play a major role in business innovation. It is safe to say, that technological growth will continue to advance and even 10 years from today, the way business is conducted will not be the same.

    The purpose of this essay is to illustrate what technological changes are expected during the next 10 years. The objective of this essay is to link these expected changes to the productivity of my "mail packaging & supplies" business. This essay will further show how I will use this information in order to stay up to date with technological changes.

    Throughout 20th century, technological advancements have created the business model that was based on the Industrial Age ...

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