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    How might the internet and the associated World Wide Web effect international business activity and the globalization of the world economy?

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    Using Internet
    Internet is the key driver of the ebusiness. E-business is a strategy, which uses technology to achieve business goals. It is basically an evolution in the way companies interact. It provides information to facilitate delivery of goods and services and supports change initiatives and reinforce business process reengineering. It improves external business relationship also.

    At the dawn of the new millennium, if we look back at the last century, we will realize the changes the world has seen. And even the changes are becoming rapid. The main reason of changes is internet and the world wide web technological innovation. The ever-changing technology has affected business as well like it has affected all other walks of life. Here are some of the key changes in today's business environment, which would include the following facts:

    The world is more competitive

    We are all competing in a global ...

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