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    Impact of Technology on Material Handling & Packaging

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    See the checklist attached.

    You are a consultant hired by a consumer products research company to analyze the packaging of various consumer products. Your first assignment is to go into a retail store and pick three products which consumers purchase on a frequent basis. Then, from a consumer perspective, identify the products and complete the Materials Handling/Packaging Analysis Checklist attached.

    After the completion of your Materials Handling/Packaging Analysis Checklist, create a thorough Field Research Report assessing how technology impacts materials handling and packaging discussions. Further, draw comparisons between two of your chosen products and identify what aspects of their packaging would assist or hinder the materials handling function for the logistics provider. Lastly, if these were products you were manufacturing, what packaging changes would you recommend and why?

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    //Before writing about the material handling field research, we will write about the importance of material handling. We will also write about the impact of technology on the material handling and packaging. Then, we will discuss about the three products that are frequently purchased by the consumers from the retail stores. On the basis of consumer's perspective, we will identify the products and complete the materials handling/packaging analysis checklist.//

    Impact of Technology on Material Handling & Packaging

    The function of material handling is confined only to the movement of raw material from store room to the shipping sections. In manufacturing industries, material handling is required for the movement at various stages of production process. These processes are; raw material receiving, inspection of raw material, production, packing, storage, marketing. Packaging is also a process under material handling. Both these process have a great impact of technology (Richard & Nicholas, 1977).

    The material handling and packaging are influenced by technology because the equipments used in material handling work on the basis of technology used in the modification of those equipments. The new technology applied in production plants help in grouping the parts, machine handling and arrangement of production plants. These processes provide various benefits to the production plants. The application of new technology helps in reducing the time of material handling, production process set- up, work in process inventory and also reduces the time for flow of materials. The newer technologies ...

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