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Packaging and Material Management

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Identify packaging design and material handling principles as they relate to efficient warehouse management. How do these characteristics affect customer satisfaction?

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The expert identifies the packaging design and material handling principles as they relate to efficient warehouse management.

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Packaging design and materials handling

Packaging plays a very important role to a company's product. It would affect the quality of the product as it reaches the end users. Through packaging, the end users would be informed of the product features, benefits that would be derived from its use, the directions for use, date of production and expiration date, and some other precautionary measures. Through the packaging, the buyers would also be informed of the name of the manufacturer, its logo, place of manufacture/country of origin.it could also be a way to distinguish it from products offered by competitors.

There are some companies whose product positioning is in terms of packaging and materials handling. Aside from protecting the products, packaging may also project company image in the community. The packaging itself, when correctly planned and designed, would be a promotional device for the product and the company as a whole.

Related to packaging is the so-called ...

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