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Brand Image through Packaging, Labeling, and Branding

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I need help with how cans Apple's iPhone use packaging, branding, and labeling to support its brand image?

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Packaging involves activities such as designing and producing the container for the product. To Kotler and Keller (2006), packaging may include up to three levels of material -the primary package (the container that directly holds the product), the secondary package (e.g. the box), and the shipping package (e.g. whether it will be packed in 3's, 6's, etc.). In the case of Apple iPhone, these three categories of packaging must apply - not only to identify the product but most importantly, to protect it.

Kotler and Keller (2006) recommended that decisions on the following must be done to ensure effectiveness of packaging:
1. Identify the brand through the package
2. Convey descriptive and persuasive information
3. Facilitate product transportation and ...

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This report includes a discussion on how brand image of a product may be supported through effective packaging, labeling, and branding. The packaging must possess aesthetic and functional components, labeling must aim for providing the right and appropriate identity for the product, and branding must achieve the objective of differentiating the product from other brands.

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