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Port and Terminal Operations

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Discuss the transporters role, the port's role and the government's role in controlling invasive species and other hazards inherent in the movement of goods, goods themselves, and their packaging, specifically addressing the management of wastes at port activities as part of the total solution.

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Each of the three, namely the transporter, the port, and the government plays an important role in controlling invasive species, and other hazards inherent in transporting goods, goods themselves, and their packaging.
First, invasive species refer to flora and fauna that may enter an area or a country. Specifically, the invasive species include native invaders, vectors, invasive species, and introduced species. The introduction of the invasive species can led to ecological harm, economic loss, health hazard, and distortion in biodiversity. For example, if a foreign germ is imported into the USA, it can lead to an epidemic.

Similarly, ammunition, explosives, and other hazardous material can be introduced illegally into a country. This can lead to an ...

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Control of invasive species is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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