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    How do warehousing, materials handling, and packaging fit into the overall logistics strategy?

    How do customer requirements dictate warehouse locations?

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    // While writing this paper, we will focus on the concept of warehousing, packaging and material handling and how do they fit into overall logistic strategy. Then moving on, we will throw light on how the customer relations dictate warehouse locations by focusing on the key points.//

    The word warehousing in simple words is known as a place, where goods can be stored in huge amount. It is a large structure, where goods can be stored, shipped or received. The principal objective of warehousing is receiving the goods, new products and finally, shipping out those products that are already stored (Christensen, 2009).

    Material handling is a simple procedure, which involves the association of materials from one place to another for the purpose of processing. The task done by material handling equipment includes elating, plummeting, holding, releasing, positioning, stacking, etc (Kroemer, 1997).

    Packaging refers to the course of designing, evaluating and production of packages. It can be explained as a synchronized system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale and end ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 640 words with references.