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Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Compare and contrast private ownership of storage space to rented storage space with reference to the following:

a. Services that can be realized from each
b. Cost for storage
c. Degree of administrative future uncertainties
d. Flexibility in meeting future uncertainties

Under what general circumstances is private warehousing a better chioce than pubilc warehousing?

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Private Ownership of Storage Space vs. Rented Storage Space

Private ownership of storage space and rented storage space are the forms of warehousing that provides facilities in supply chain management. These facilities are provided from warehouses to goods and material for further distribution and transportation. There are several services realized in the private ownership storage space that are different to rented storage space. In private ownership storage space, the owner has to provide security, self storage facility, site management, as well as appointing onsite resident managers that make sure about the security of storage (Hudson Self Storage). In contrast, the security and other site management are needed not to provide by the rental storage space, but these are provided by the owner of storage. In addition, storage space is used to store the goods and material for residential or commercial needs in both types of storage. In private warehousing, companies manage facilities related to storing and shipping products, but rented storages are leased to the business for physical distribution facilities (Pride & Ferrell, 2008).

There are different ...

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