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Four Processes Performance in Wal-Mart

For Wal-Mart, examine at least four processes that the organization uses to determine process performance in their daily business.

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Processes to determine process performance in Wal-Mart's daily business

A. Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle - proposed by Deming which is a continuous feedback and measurement cycle to reduce defects and improve product quality.
Plan - Improve results by designing or revising business process components.
Do - Plan implementation and performance measurement.
Check - Measurements are assessed and results reported to decision makers.
Act - Changes needed to improve the process are decided.

This is a continuous cycle which aims to achieve measurable results and business benefit and companies must always practice continuous process improvement. Wal-Mart requires suppliers to support its process improvement in the way the Deming cycle is done.

B. Six Sigma - Its concept is to ...

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