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    Business Management: Goals & Strategies

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    Short-term, intermediate and long-term goals for a mail packaging and supplies business

    Please assist with:

    Strategies for achieving these goals and the tactics for implementing these strategies.
    Explain the basic concepts of management and recognize problems faced in operating a business enterprise.
    Distinguish the differences between the major forms of business organizations and be able to know and identify the characteristics of each.

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    //Before describing about the Strategies for achieving the goals and the tactics for implementing the strategies, it is necessary to have knowledge about the Goals of Mail packaging & Supply Business. One should know about the different forms of goals, which further will assist in developing right strategy for right goals, in a right manner.//

    Goals of Mail packaging & Supply Business

    Mail packaging and supply business provides different kinds of products and services to the businesses and trades. These products and services include CD/DVD Sleeves, packaging and display solutions, printing, envelopes, and mail fulfillment (Miller, 2004).There are three types of objectives of these businesses. The main objectives of these businesses are as follows:

    Short Term Goals: The primary short term goal of this business is to establish a reasonable budget and funding source for start up costs like rent, instrumentation, attorney & accounting system services, and inventory & employee services. It aims to establish an exclusive proprietorship or other business type which is legal in the state where a firm is running its business. It also aims to find a suitable location to operate in which it can provide enough area, storehouse and profile. The mail supply business also needs a sufficient place to raise inventory.

    This business needs to prepare a detailed list of suppliers, wholesalers and dealers for all services and products. It also lists potential customers to grow the business.

    Intermediate Goals: The intermediate goals of the business aim to start and assert fair and exposed relationship with suppliers and customers by true, honest, and dependable communication and service. The business aims to maintain a handbook and make a strong training program for the new personnel. It develops full graphic mock-ups and images for demonstration and approving purposes.

    Long Term Goals: The long term goals of the mail packaging business are to establish a professional and instructive website, which can solve the customers' mailing needs. It wants to be the best provider of ...

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