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Project Management

Project Help - Research Methodolgies & Resources Available

Executive management group has decided to market their top-selling product to brazil. As the marketing manager for this group, I have been asked to analyze the various research methodologies and resources available to me in Brazil. I have been asked to dentify which research methodologies and resources I should consider using in

Project Management/Budget

1. How important is coming up with a realistic project budget, and what is the function of the contingency factor in developing a budget? Be sure to include discussions on your views of "padding" the budget. Add a cite references to support your arguments.

Project Management

One member of your group had been late with her work the last few weeks and it is starting to create resentment from other project group members. You have spoken to her and found out that she's having family problems and she asked you to keep the information confidential. How would you handle the situation to ensure that the tea

Creating project charter and description of approach

Now that the stakeholders have been identified, you are getting ready for the overview meeting. Terry has asked you to present the project charter for discussion with the group. Continue work on the project plan by analyzing all of the inputs and creating a project charter and description of approach. Be sure to identify the dri

R&D Project

A. Select an organization or business support unit within the Pfizer organization to be the subject of an extensive consultation project and briefly describe it. What does the company do? b. Identify at least two to five challenges to be solved or opportunities to be capitalized upon through implementing a new computer system.

Project Management

Please answer the following. Limit to 50 words per answer. No references necessary. Why is project management evolving? How will this benefit the organization? How will it benefit you personally?

Project Management questions

All I am looking for is a decent explanation of each and a reference. 1. Often projects have a disconnect between executive sponsorship and end-users who rarely commit the anticipated time for project efforts, provide input into project planning and budget, and accept ownership of end results. Describe how formal risk monito

Project Plan Forecast

Project Plan Forecast-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utilizing the attached information, please provide approx. 1400 words of detailed feedback on a project plan forecast regarding the following project proposal and risk management plan. Also please provide a 15-20-slide Microsof

Project Management

Why is accurate projection of the budget in the planning phase critical to organizational objectives?

Models in Project Management

Please provide guidance on how I should develop this paper. Your help is greatly appreciate. Contrast and compare three project management models in use today. Note: The models may contain substantively different terms for the identical component. Develop an analysis to discern the true differences and commonality among the

Project Management - The Life of a Project

Use your favorite search engine for the term "project management" adding other key words to this search such as "project management objectives," "project management life cycle," "project management work breakdown structure," etc. What did you find? Locate a Website that provides suggestions for developing effective proposal

Question about prioritization process

1. Most organizations have limits to the resources they can apply to their portfolio(s) of projects?all projects must be considered and not every project will be started. What kinds of weighting factors do organizations consider as part of their prioritization process? Please use the text and other readings and cite properly, p

Project Management Scope Statement

Please provide guidance on how to develop a 5 to 7 paragraphs that will allow me to determine the marketing deliverables for this project adn provide resources. I'm attaching the original scenario. Your help is greatly appreciated You are developing the scope statement for the project, and now you are up to the marketing deliv

The article is about collaborative success in project management. The critique point out the issues that are important for collaborative success in project management. The reasons that bring collaborative success in business are mentioned.

Article Review: Submit a critique of an article of your choice relating to Project Management in Business. I found an interesting article from this website However, can you suggest another article that you feel is more suited for this, along w

Problem Set

1. Most organizations have limits to the resources they can apply to their portfolio(s) of projects?all projects must be considered and not every project will be started. What kinds of weighting factors do organizations consider as part of their prioritization process? 2 Why is critical thinking crucial to successful project

Closing Out a Project

When a project manager is closing out his project how should it be facilitated, what should the guidelines be, and how can one incorporate the information gleaned from this session into the future project plans and tools?

Project Management and Working in a Team

Think of a recently completed group project that you have been involved in. This project may have been a student project, a group project, or an extracurricular project. Briefly describe the situation and choose one of the following to post on the discussion board: 1. Analyze the development of the team in terms of the fo

Develop New Project

Thompson & Son have been busy analyzing a new product. They have determined that an operating cash flow of $16,700 will result in zero net present value, which is a company requirement for project acceptance. The fixed costs are $12,378 and the contribution margin is $6.20. The company feels that they can realistically captur

Initial Cost of Project

Wilbert's Inc. paid $90,000 in cash, for a piece of equipment three years ago. Last year, the company spent $10,00 to update the equipment with the latest technology. The company no longer uses this equipment in their current operations and has received an offer of $50,000 from a firm who would like to purchase it. Wilbert's

Project Management

Who should conduct the project evaluation/audit? Why? Who should receive the project evaluation? Why? What is the difference between an evaluation and a post-evaluation? Can a project end prematurely and still provide benefit to an organization? Why or why not? Why is it important to evaluate and audit your project? H

Research Project

I have formulated the survey questionnaire and interview questions. I think I am looking to answer the remaining research questions with the primary research. Those questions are: 1. What are the technology infrastructure requirements for telecommuting? 2. How should sites be selected? 3. How will performance be measur

Project plan

I need help with the following: Write a 1,400-1,700-word Project Plan for an educational program on supply chain to be implemented in a large academic hospital, Overview for that includes the following: 1) A description of the project. Include a list (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) of at least 4 high level deliverables (specific a

Project Management

What are the differences among milestones, deliverables, objectives, and goals? What is the relationship among scope, schedule, and risk? What is the relationship among schedule, precedence, and network flow? I need help with these questions. Thank you very much!

Project management

Why is the SOW important? What should be included or excluded in a SOW? What is scope creep? How is it managed? Can anyone give me an example of scope creep they have experienced at work?

Challenges of managing a virtual team

A. The challenges of managing a virtual (remote) team b. The challenges of managing projects involving teams with members from multiple ethnic and sociopolitical backgrounds

Project Problem

Describe a recent project. Identify the problems associated with the project and discuss how project management principles were used to reach project goals in the face of adversity. Provide recommendations on how results could have been optimized.

Factors to be considered in estimating the incremental after tax cash flows for the project, Project implementation, Factors of new software project implementation, ways of evaluating the project and recommend which approach is best , Cash flows in project implementation, advatages of Decision Support System

The management of the Riordan Manufacturing company wants to create a new accounting system to address the challenges described in the company overview (see finance and accounting section). c. Prepare a 350-700-word memo to the CFO outlining the following: 1) Factors to be considered in estimating the increme

Operation management - precedence diagram

At Microsoft a team assembles and packages instruction manuals and is working on its own line balancing plan. The team's precedence diagram indicates that: (see attached diagram) A - A,D and F could be done at the first station; B and G at the second, and C, E and G at a third B - Balance delay will be 0.9 or greater