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Interview with a Manager

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Interview a manager in an organization. Write a report which outlines the answers your manager provided to the questions listed below. Include a summary paragraph providing an analysis of your interview experience and how the answers related to your learning objectives for this week.

In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics required of a manager?
In your experience, what are the most difficult aspects of being a manager?
Do you like making decisions as a manager? Would you rather make decisions by yourself, or as a group with those you supervise? Please explain.
Do you have to delegate responsibility for tasks to others? What are some of the difficulties you face while trying to delegate responsibility?
Have you observed any changes in the role of a manager in the last five years? If so, what factors do you think have caused these changes?
Has changing technology affected the way you manage? If so, how?
Has globalization affected you as a manager? If so, how?

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Among the important characteristics that a manager should have are the following:

? High intelligence is essential and it can be maintained through a continuous pursuit of learning specifically in the manager's field of leadership and there are tools that allow one to increase his or her capacity and ability to memorize and retain information.
? Being open-minded and flexible by trying new things and approaches in work rather than being rigid and structured in beliefs and actions.
? Excellent people skills and being perceptive in dealing with others, good at assessing moods of staff and able to handle sensitive matters. It is a part of charisma attribute which is a good characteristic of a great leader.
? Tenacity is a trait that makes one so persistent by trying something in many ways until a high goal is reached and not giving up.
? A good leader is willing to take calculated risks. He is intelligent enough to assess risk in an objective way and can face the consequences of whatever the outcome of the decision will be.
? Keeping a positive approach amidst adversity is essential to success. Visualizing only positive results leads to pushing oneself and others toward a goal and making it happen which can lead to success.

In your experience, what are the most difficult aspects of being a manager?

The most difficult aspect in being a manager is handling people. Even if managers want to spend time in managing their subordinates by motivating them, guiding them, or by listening to their concerns, time pressure makes these difficult to do oftentimes. Managers also want to look ...

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