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Project Management

Active Obligations of Non-Profit Leaders

Make a recommendation to a member of Congress. Imagine that the United States Congress was considering sweeping legislation that would provide intensive regulation of nonprofit fundraising, including the imposition of more filing requirements to the Internal Revenue Service for nonprofits, as well as more active obligations on t

Most famous cases of poor project management

Scenario 1 One of the most famous cases of poor project management was the Sydney Opera House, which came in years and millions over budgets. What have researchers identified about this case that we can learn from? Scenario 2: Also, identify a high profile failed project from your nation of origin and see if the same mi

Negotiation Project

Bargaining I Conflict is an integral part of our lives, and we encounter it in every aspect of our personal and professional activities. Surely, you have observed some form of conflict at your workplace, be it a simple but heated interpersonal matter, or a full-scale organizational dispute. Part I - Background and Setting

Levers that project managers use

List and explain the different levers that project managers use to exert control over projects. Give an example of how each lever can be used in project control.

Time consuming aspects of project management

I need help with the following: In your organization, what aspects of the change management process are the most time-consuming? Propose at least one way to shorten the process, and describe the resources needed to make the process more efficient.

Purpose of a project manager

1) In your own words what is the purpose of a project manager (PM)? 2) Why are projects manager in such demand?? 3) What type of person do you think could be a PM? 4) Give an example of a project that you worked on and tell us what was the biggest challenge of it.

Project Management Questions: Types of Conflicts

1. How does the type of project organization affect each of the types of conflicts that occur over the project life cycle? 2. Which project organization would have the most difficult conflicts? Why? 3. How would a project charter benefit a project manager? Four project types are discussed. 426 words in total.

Re-Evaluating a Project from a Finance Perspective

3. Over the last 2 years, your firm spent $3M on research and development for a new product or service. You have been asked to re-evaluate the project from a finance perspective. Do you include the $3M? Explain.

Project Management Work Breakdown Structure

As stated earlier the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is one of the most important tools in Project Management. Understanding the project at a detailed level is the key to developing a roadmap to success. Remember that, by definition, projects in general are unique, complex, multi dimensional undertakings which require a variet

Project accept/reject cashflow

A project has annual cash flows (including the initial year) of -160,000, 70,000, 55,000, 70,000, 60,000, and 45,000, and a discount rate of 11%. The company should: a. Accept the project because it will increase shareholder wealth. b. Reject the project because it will reduce shareholder wealth. c. Reject the pr

Types of Project Portfolios

Name and describe the 3 types (or divisions) of project portfolios (from the organization's view). Provide an example of each. 291 words, one reference

Project Management - Statement of Work

Concept Project title: Trump/Lopez Wedding The purpose of this project is: To plan an elegant wedding for Donald Trump and Sandra Lopez, including invitation selection, cake, organization during wedding, location of reception and food, photos, music, and honeymoon. It will cost: $1 million It will be completed by:

Cost budgeting and preparing a cost estimate

Many companies use software to factor in cost and profit for each project, explain what software and technique you would use to manage your budget and expenses, consider payroll as well. -Discuss different types of cost estimates and methods for preparing them. -Understand the processes involved in cost budgeting and pre

Project feasibility factors

List and discuss the different types of project feasibility factors. Is any factor most important? Why or why not?

Project Management: Technology-Based Corporation

You are the supervisor for a large technology-based corporation. One of your subordinate managers, Carly, is heading up a project for a new system that is scheduled to market on the 1st of the year. It is August and things are not progressing at the pace you had hoped. When you meet with Carly, all she does is complain about

Seitz Corporation: Using Risk and Project Management

See attached case study. Write an essay that fully answers the following questions. 1. From the case study above: "After quickly reviewing some of her old project management books, she discovered that the project charter was typically written by the project sponsor. Since she had already created a task list, she decided

Complete a project charter for A Family Reunion

My topic will be A Family Reunion. In the project charter it must have 1. Project purpose or justification 2. Measurable project objectives 3. High level requirements 4. High-Level risk 5. Summary milestone schedule 6. Summary budget 7. Project approval requirements (what constitutes project success, who decides the

What next text publishing projects should be selected and why?

A company has four new text publishing products that it must decide on publishing to expand its services. The firm's WACC has been 17%. The projects are of equal risk, Ã?s of 1.6. The risk-free rate is 7% and the market rate is expected to be 12%. The projects are expected to earn as follows: Project W: 14% Project X: 18%

Action should be taken as a project manager

See attached decision tree. Assume the role as a PM. Which action should be taken as a project manager and why that was chosen and why not the others. In order to avoid a federal penalty of $1 million, the administration must either retrofit or move into a compliant building within 24 months. The president thinks he can g

Project Management: Analyzing a Restaurant

Describe a work-related situation you feel could be improved, using a restaurant as the target business. Consider the following: 1.Identify the needs of the situation? 2.What is the project objective? 3.What assumptions, if any, should be made regarding the project to be undertaken? 4.Who are the main people or departments